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    The Loneliest Generations: Millennials and Gen Z

    According to a recently released survey by the healthcare company Cigna, Gen Z is the loneliest generation followed by the millennials. Gen Z has an overall loneliness score of 48.3 and millennials have a score of 45.3. This survey has been conducted with more than 20,000 Americans who are 18 years and older.

    The survey …

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    How to Get Ready for Generation Z

    Team Building Together

    In a few years, a new generation, Gen Z, will take over the work force. Unlike any other generation, this generation was born with technology so they are true digital natives. They can do many things in seconds using their phones such as editing a document, buying a plane ticket, taking photos and videos and …

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    What Every Millennial Can Learn From LEGO

    A decade ago LEGO was losing $1M a day.

    A lot has changed.

    Now they are cranking out a 24% profit margin.

    Fun Facts:

    105,000 LEGO pieces are made every minute There are at least 80 LEGO pieces for every human on the planet Lego generates 60% of it’s business in December

    What Changed?

    In …

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    2015 Will Be The Year Of IntraPreneurship

    Have you ever had a great idea at work?

    Were you able to do anything about it?

    In 2015 that will change. Or, it should.

    Smart Companies are stepping up and are willing to help internal employees to develop their ideas. Is your company one of them? I hope so.

    Some of the more famous …

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