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    Generation Y and the Workplace

    Recently I came across with a lot of studies related to Gen Y and their behaviors in corporate life. I am a member of this generation, myself, so I am writing this article for everyone who is working with people that are part of this generation.

    The studies I have read categorize Gen Y as …

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    Be Your Own Brand, Not Your Generation’s

    Whether or not you’ve heard the term Millennial or Gen Y, you’ve probably heard a few of the stereotypes associated with your generation (those born approximately 1982-1995), such as lazy, entitled or too tech focused.

    As Millennials enter the workforce at a rapid pace, it is important that young workers not only recognize that these …

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    Personal Branding and the ‘Proud Peacock’ syndrome

    As philosopher Ken Wilber has argued underscoring his use of Spiral Dynamics, each new wave of technological development brings forward awesome new opportunities and frightful new dangers. And it is the job of every new generation to separate the wheat from the chaff and avert the nasty consequences that a misuse of otherwise wonderful technologies …

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    Generation Yers: Is Your Offline Holding Up?

    Our modern lives happen in two parallel universes: one physical and one virtual. Their relationship can be compared to that of body and mind: although physical health and mental health are closely related and they constantly interact with each other, they most definitely require a different set of skills, techniques, strategies and professionals to be …

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    Are We the Dumbest Generation?

    There is an underground campaign slowly spreading through the rank and file of many academics, journalists, and other individuals. This campaign can be aptly named the Digital Stupidity of the Younger Generations. I have been reading quite a few posts recently about the lack of “true” intelligence in the digital generation. Frankly, I’ve reached my …

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    5 Things I Have Learned As a Generation Y Business Owner

    Almost three years. THREE YEARS!

    It has almost been three years since my company drove a stake into the ground in Indianapolis and Oklahoma City. It is funny to look back on the process and change the business has gone through. From working out of an apartment to moving into offices, hiring employees, speaking through …

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