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    Burning the Midnight Oil: Why It’s Counterproductive

    Burning the midnight oil might fatten your bank account or move your plans forward faster, but over the long haul, it's not really worth it.

    With the ever-rising cost of living, economic turbulence, and the increasing competition in the business and employment worlds, many people find themselves wanting to extend their hours at work. This often includes what is commonly known as burning the midnight oil, which simply means staying up late at night working or studying.

    But is it …

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    Why Hard Workers Need Quality Sleep

    Many consider sleep as another obligation to fulfill in the everyday routine. If that mindset continues, you may influence your quality of sleep at night. If you dread sleep, the experience won’t be a pleasant one.

    Gaining quality sleep is vital for hard workers to do their best every day, and clocking in seven to …

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    Healthy Office Snacks that Increase Your Productivity

    It can be difficult to eat healthy when you are stressed out or bored. However, do you know that what you eat during the day affects not only your weight but also your productivity? Snacks with high fat or high sugar such as chips or candies will make you sleepy and don’t give you enough …

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    Fit at Last: An Interview with Ken Blanchard

    Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ken Blanchard, one of the most influential business leadership experts and author of the iconic One Minute Manager. His newest book, Fit at Last, demonstrates how his leadership techniques can be applied to achieving success and strengthening commitment by chronicling his journey to better health. We discussed …

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