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    5 Ways to Make Your One-on-Ones More Productive

    5 Ways to Make Your One-on-Ones More Productive

    The one-on-one is a productive managerial tactic — most of the time. If yours have lost their luster, there are several ways to revive them.  

    Productive one-on-ones are essential to managing and empowering the members of your team. But the task of getting them on the calendar regularly can seem daunting. At times, you might …

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    Is Your Time Management Working for Your Personal Brand?

    How and where you spend your time sends a direct non-verbal message about what’s important to you and what your brand is all about. Have you ever heard of the phrase “walk the talk?” People believe what they see, not necessarily just what you tell them.

    For example: If you say that spending time with …

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    3 Personalities Who Ruin Meetings

    In every office, there are types of people that make the meetings miserable. This week I combined the 3 most frequent types of personalities that ruin meetings, enjoy!

    Multi-Tasker: The multi-taskers bring their laptops and cell phones to the meeting and constantly keep working on their laptops and check their phones all the time. They…
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    8 Tips to Evaluate Cultural Fit

    Many articles point to the fact that the job interview is really all about the so-called cultural fit of the candidate, provided the skill and experience requirements are met as well of course. The thing is that in addition to the hiring manager, several other company members, too, are interviewing candidates to add their own …

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    How to Get Through a Boring Meeting

    All of us have been in meetings that we don’t even know why we are there. In these types of meetings, we generally try not to fall asleep while daydreaming and make eye contact with the speaker every few minutes to be seen as paying attention to the meeting. If you feel that you don’t …

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    Meetings Can Be Productive…If You Let Them Be

    A lot of people think meetings are a huge waste of time. And they can be … if you let them be.

    The pessimists view of meetings:

    ”The least productive people are usually the ones who are most in favor of holding meetings.” ~ Thomas Sowell

    However, meetings can also be very productive. In fact, …

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    7 Tips for Hearing More and Doing More

    Listen up! Yes You! Listen up!

    It’s not just for coaches and teachers anymore. Give the person speaking the courtesy of your attention. Your conversations will go smoother and faster. You will be able to get more done in less time.

    This is especially true for face to face meetings. It is also true for …

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