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    Differentiate Or Die: The New Rules Of Personal Branding

    These are the best of times for personal branders; these are the worst of times for personal branders. Far from mere Dickensian wordplay, I believe this statement reflects a reality that old hands in the business will be quick to recognize and happy to give their assent to. Newcomers may soon find out the hard …

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    Metrics For Tracking Your Heroes (And Joining Their Company)

    Hey, we all have heroes. Some of mine include a guy who wore #23 for the Chicago Bulls and my Dad. But we also have a lot of people we look up to in the social media realm – people who influence us and whose company we’d like to be included in (yes, no matter …

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    Personal Branding For Freelancers: When You Are Your Brand

    I cannot think of a single group of people for whom personal branding is more crucial than freelancers. It is in fact the ‘make or break’ ingredient that will determine whether their career adventure (and trust me, being a freelancer is an adventure!) takes off or sinks into obscurity. A strong, sensibly-managed and attractive personal …

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    Kickstart Your Personal Branding Journey In 2012

    Here we are, starting a new year where so much will happen: the London Olympics, the US Presidential Election, the end of the current global financial crisis (we hope!) and tons of other exciting stuff. Did you get your new calendar yet? Any New Year resolutions? Concerned about how to start the year on the …

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    Getting Your Personal Brand’s “Hay In The Barn.”

    Back when I was in High School, our cross country team coach had an unusual and corny yet strangely motivating expression. Prior to the beginning of each season, during the summer, he would say, “Make sure your hay is in the barn.”

    What did he mean by that? I’m no farmer, but I’m pretty sure …

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    The Day The Spotlight Is On You

    Many of us grew up in more or less protected environments, surrounded by the love and company of family and neighbors who knew us well. We effortlessly built up a network of friends and schoolmates as we progressed through the educational ranks until the time came to join the workforce. In this scenario, and especially …

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    Inbound Marketing: A Sound Strategy for Your Brand

    Unless you are one of those lucky folks with a sizable budget at your disposal to invest in PR and advertising efforts in order to promote your personal or business brand (and whether you know it or not), you will in all likelihood be using inbound marketing techniques to reach your targeted audience and generate …

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    10 Accounts I Won’t Follow Back on Twitter

    Twitter has been one of the key ingredients of my personal branding mix, and interacting with relevant others and adding value with my tweets the way I have sought to distinguish myself amongst the 3 million other Tweeterers in my country and gazillions elsewhere. Being included in the list of ‘70 Tweeterers that add more …

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    Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management: Natural Allies

    I cannot think of two areas of the Web 2.0 with greater synergy than Personal Branding and Online Reputation. In fact, the importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM) for Personal Branding is such that it is highly improbable you will be able to negotiate your way to the top in the often turbulent waters of …

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    The #1 Formula for Brand Greatness

    Service to others leads to greatness and wealth.

    The more people you serve, the greater your rewards.  There is no formula for greatness or wealth that supersedes this one.

    Authentic, unconditional service to others leads to self-reward.  When you help people cross the bridge from discouragement to success, greatness is achieved.  When you provide answers …

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