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Influencer Marketing Takes Center Stage at Cannes Lions 2023

Cannes Lions, the prestigious international festival celebrating creativity in advertising and marketing, has always been a platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest campaigns, strategies, and insights. Over the years, the festival has witnessed the rise of media giants and the transformation of the advertising landscape. However, this year, a new phenomenon has taken …

An illustration of a professional sitting at a desk participating in a virtual networking event.
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Embracing the Future of Networking: 10 Tips for Effective Virtual Events

There can be no substitute for in-person networking. However, many small business owners or solo entrepreneurs can’t justify the time and money it takes to travel across the country for conferences every few months. Even for well-established influencers, conferences can take time away from running the business they hope to promote, so how will this …

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Use Microblogging to Promote Your Personal Brand

Bite-sized content or microblogging is becoming more popular with online audiences on both mobile and computer devices. Creating unique and eye-catching images opens the door for converting leads into sales and growing your social networks with organic methods.

Which platforms work the best for microblogging posts? After conducting the right target market research to learn …