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Guide to Personal Brand Building Using Kindle Publishing

Learn how to write and self-publish a book to build your personal brand with the help of Ryan Deiss’s Kindle Publishing Revolution.

Writing and publishing a book remains the best strategy for building your personal brand. Writing a book establishes you as an expert in your field, instantly differentiating you from your competition and opening …

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Learning from Henry Ford | Productivity Tips for Personal Branding


Unlike most individuals interested in building their personal brands in today’s world, Henry Ford didn’t reinvent the wheel every time he produced a car.

Rather, Henry Ford created an efficient system, or process, for building and selling cars.

Once he perfected the system, he was able to refine and fine-tune the process until his …

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7 Content Curation Tips for Personal Branding Success

I’d like to share 7 simple content curation tips for personal branding success, based on a recently-introduced feature on one of my favorite blogs.


As I wrote Author’s Journey blog post a few weeks, content curation can be a powerful tool for personal brand building and corporate branding.

Content curation can save you time …

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Personal Branding Heroes (i): Jean-Claude Van Damme

Many men and women have successfully built strong and durable personal brands that have catapulted them to success: but few have done so with more gritty determination and ‘fighting’ (forgive the pun) so many internal and external demons as the popular Belgium-born action movie star Jean-Claude Van Varenberg, better known by his artistic name of …