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    7 Questions to Ask Before You Start to Write

    Ask yourself the following questions before you start to write your next article, blog post, or book to build your personal brand.

    The questions may appear to be simple, but always pausing to answer them can help you save time by focusing your attention on the key issues that determine the success of your writing …

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    Creative Briefs And Personal Branding Success

    If you’re building your personal brand with the help of freelancers like copywriters, graphic designers, coaches, or web consultants, you should be preparing a creative brief for each project.

    Creative briefs are short documents, typically just 1 or 2 pages long. They save time, money, and frustration by identifying the crucial elements of a project.…

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    The Day That Influence Became The New Online Currency

    In the past couple of weeks, we have been witness to the furore about online influence reaching new heights. It was, for the most part, thanks to the rekindling of the public debate around online influence measuring and its effectiveness brought about by the recent release of Brian Solis’ report ‘The Rise of Digital Influence‘, …

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    The New Personal Branding Online Success Formula

    On the surface, nothing could be more complex than personal branding success. Our abilities and skills, the strength of our determination to succeed, the strategy we follow or even being in the right place at the right time all seem to be contributing factors. And yet by so reasoning we would be falling into one …

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    How To Choose The Right Topic To Write About

    Choosing the right topic to write about is the first step to success, when writing books, blog posts, or speeches for content marketing & personal branding.

    Here’s a simple, 3-step system I developed to help my book coaching clients break the bonds of procrastination.

    It’s based on a simple PDF worksheet you can download and …

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    The Dream of Viral Marketing

    So many empty promises have been made and so much misinformation revolves around the issue of Viral Marketing that I feel obliged to make a solemn statement at the start of this post that I very much hope you will take to heart and keep in mind on your way to personal branding stardom: never …

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    The Four Aces of Online Personal Branding

    Many Generation Y and X folks with digital DNA are looking toward the online medium to build their personal brands. And this is without doubt a smart move on their behalf: the countless benefits and untapped potential that the Web 2.0 can offer for those serious about personal branding are too many to list. And …

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    The Spirituality of Personal Branding

    There are no objective reasons for spiritual folks to store any second thoughts or reticence toward personal branding as envisioned by Dan Schawbel and other personal branding luminaries. Far from it. In fact, engaging in the personal branding process can be of one of the most uplifting, rewarding and profoundly spiritual experiences of our lives. …

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    Mourinho and 5 Lessons in Personal Branding

    Reviled by some yet idolized by others, controversial Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho does not leave anyone indifferent. If never a sports figure generated such media frenzy, this is undoubtedly due to the Portuguese success – despite some of his objectionable actions – in building a solid personal brand that has not only withstood …

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    Reviewing Your 2011 Writing, Publishing, & Brand-Building Goals

    There’s a crucial difference between setting your 2011 your brand-building goals and reviewing your brand-building goals.

    The difference between setting and reviewing your writing and brand-building goals can mean the difference between achieving your goals or letting another year go by without significant progress!

    It’s never too early to review your goals, and it’s impossible …

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