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    6 Steps to Personal Branding for Managers

    6 Steps to Personal Branding for Managers

    When you think of businesspeople who have built memorable personal brands, CEOs like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey come to mind. However, CEOs aren’t the only ones who can benefit from personal branding. Anyone in a supervisory role can boost their career through effective personal branding for managers.

    How to Create Personal Branding for Managers…
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    Avoid the “Curse of the Expert” While Brand Building

    When building your personal brand, try to avoid the 7 undesirable traits often associated with experts.


    I’ve been reading Nance Rosen’s recent articles, like How Does Your Personal Brand Sound?  Her series does a wonderful job of describing behaviors that undermine, rather than build, personal brands.

    As she’s pointed out, often simple attitudes or …

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    7 Tips for Finding Time to Build Personal Brand

    Time management is an often-overlooked key to personal branding success; here are 7 strategies & tips for finding the time to build your personal brand.

    A lack of time is no excuse for failing to invest in your future by building your personal brand.

    These days, everyone faces the universal challenge of too much to …

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    Pinterest For Personal Branding: 7 Cool and Practical Uses

    Personal Branding lovers are in luck. The hottest and quickly rising new social network Pinterest is fast proving to be a much welcome and indeed attractive addition to our personal branding repertoire. It is filled with endless possibilities yet to be explored.

    We have reasons to believe that Pinterest is more than a passing fad. …

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    Inbound Marketing: A Sound Strategy for Your Brand

    Unless you are one of those lucky folks with a sizable budget at your disposal to invest in PR and advertising efforts in order to promote your personal or business brand (and whether you know it or not), you will in all likelihood be using inbound marketing techniques to reach your targeted audience and generate …

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    Brand-building in 18 Minutes – Lessons from TED.com

    If you’re interested in writing and marketing a book to build your personal brand, you should spend a little time each week at www.TED.com. There are over 700 free videos you can watch, analyze, and learn from.

    The lessons you can learn at TED.com can help you become a better writer and presenter, essential skills …

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    Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out From The Competition

    Here are a 3 simple ways you can make your personal brand stand out from your competition:

    Be helpful. Be brief. Be consistent.

    Helpful, brief, and consistent will serve you well, whether you’re writing an article, a book, an e-mail, preparing a podcast, or delivering a speech.

    Helpful (because it’s not about you)

    Success is …

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