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    Don’t Talk About The PRC at Work

    Cover Eyes

    There are (at least) three things you don’t talk about at work.

    Or shouldn’t talk about at work.

    Sure, there are exceptions. I will discuss a few examples below.

    But generally these are three of things you should not be talking about at work.

    Why not?

    Talking about The PRC cannot lead anywhere good. Talking …

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    Using LWL to Get Ahead


    How often do you Listen?

    Really Listen?

    Before taking action?

    It Can Be Hard

    I know from personal experience that it can be hard not to jump to conclusions, not to leap forward with assumptions, and to not try and prescribe before diagnosing.

    Stop. At least for one conversation today … stop.

    Then … Listen. …

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    Should You Show Your Stripes? Politics & Your Personal Brand

    In this highly contentious election year, politics are everywhere. Surf the web, flip the channels, or tune your radio and right before your very eyes or ears talking heads everywhere are dissecting and opining on politics in the U.S. and the 2012 Presidential Election.

    According to the Pew Research Center, the political climate in the …

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    Barack Hussein Obama Junior: The Best Personal Brand Name Ever?

    With the presidential inauguration only a few days away, we’re about to see how good Barack Obama’s personal brand name really is. Why wait? Here’s a preview.

    The ultimate Web 2.0 name?

    My full name is Jacob Share. That’s it. No middle name, no first initial for a name I don’t like, just Jacob Share. …

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