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    How to Effectively Use Storytelling to Attract a Larger Brand Following

    Today building a personal brand is more about how people can relate to you on their level. In order to create new leads for your business it is important to recognize that building trust comes through powerful storytelling techniques.

    How can your personal brand connect with your community in an authentic way? Through creating a …

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    How to Prepare for a Conference

    Conference Prep

    Attending a conference can be overwhelming or very productive. This totally depends on you. If you go there prepared and invest your time and energy, then you can get the most out of it. Below you can find tips to prepare for a conference and get the return of your commitment.

    Learn the Schedule and…
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    How to Sell Your Big Business Idea

    It’s hard to imagine a world without ideas, without innovation and without the charismatic presenters who are seemingly in possession of the Secret to Success. While it is true there are degrees between effective and ineffective communication, the art of selling a foreign concept to others is a skill that can be learned.

    Most realize …

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    Video Presentations: One Easy Way to Keep Them Watching

    Audiences make snap judgments about anyone on camera. Viewers immediately assume someone is hostile if they look slightly angry. A confused look can come across as dopey. A blank face looks snooty or boring. That’s because video amplifies every facial expression—and often viewers don’t stick around to find out if their first impression was wrong. …

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    How to Give a TED Talk

    I recently coached three High School teachers to help them deliver “TED-like” talks at a conference on education. The event was held by a very high-profile non-profit organization. These three were no strangers to public speaking—they had years of experience giving speeches, teaching large classes, and appearing on TV. But they needed guidance on how …

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    PowerPointless: 5 Non-Slide Ideas To Present Yourself Better

    When trying to convey our own style so that people may give us credibility, why is it that we present ourselves in a similar fashion?

    I’m talking of course about our ultra-reliance on PowerPoint.

    This week, I’m going to do something outside of what I’ve ever done before – I’m about to deliver a presentation …

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