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    Develop Yourself Professionally With Five Steps

    develop yourself professionally

    When it comes to our professional lives, we always want to be improving. We want to be learning new things and grow in our careers. But sometimes, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why today we’re going to talk about five steps that you can take to develop yourself professionally. By …

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    Three Ways to Create Luck

    Dave didn’t really want to go to the networking meeting. It was the fifth one this month, and he was getting tired of the bad coffee and the too-soft bagels. But he had promised Shannon after bumping into her at the store. She invited him, saying it was some exciting new group, and he would …

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    Are You Suffering From High Effort and Low Impact?

    At some point you’ve decided that it’s good for you and your career to do certain things. Things like networking, letting people know about who you are and where you are going, choosing positive behavior in frustrating situations, always being on time, thanking people for their contributions, etc.

    Because you are smart, at some point …

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    Corporate Career Development – Is It Really About You?

    If you’ve ever worked for a company, you’ve most likely had one of those career development talks with your manager. If your manager was any good, you were discussing your strengths, and how to grow in the areas of your passion. However, the career development within a company is, of course, focused on the company …

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    Expand Your Brand on a Busman’s Holiday

    Want to expand your personal brand and find a way to pay for some vacation time at the same time?

    Try a busman’s holiday.

    A busman’s holiday is a vacation where you spend a lot of your time doing the same thing, or at least something similar, to your regular job.

    The term is originally …

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    How to Meet People in a Room Full of Strangers

    What do you do when you find yourself in a room full of strangers and don’t know anyone? Maybe you’re attending your first networking event. Maybe your spouse brought you to their office Christmas party. Maybe you’re attending your first ever industry convention and are at the networking party. Whatever the reason, people often have …

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    Who Is Your Professional Catalyst?

    Each of us have a few people in our lives who got us started down the paths we’ve followed. It could have been an English teacher who encouraged you to write that started you down the path to being a writer, or a supervisor at work who put you on a project that led to …

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