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    3 Ways to Measure Leadership Success

    leadership success Are you a capable leader?

    This is a challenging question to respond to. The only evidence of successful leadership is whether or not people follow you, no matter how good a leader you might think you are. Your impression of your own failures or successes is distorted by a self-serving bias.

    Even if you’re extremely …

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    One Way Small Businesses Can Be Better at Hiring

    Two weekends ago the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League facilitated their annual draft of amateur athletes.

    An annual draft of amateur athletes is how most professional leagues develop succession plans for their teams by continually bringing on new talent.

    It got me thinking about how small businesses typically bring in new talent …

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    Beyond Social Media: Three Advanced Branding Ideas

    social media branding ideas

    When you start to brand your own name or your business, there are some first steps to take when thinking about branding ideas. Social media accounts. Websites. A logo. Maybe even some business cards. If you are job seeking, you want to build your resume based on the image that you want to portray as …

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    7 Content Marketing Tips for Small Business Success

    Content marketing is a small business marketing tool that helps the Davids of business compete against their Goliath competitors.

    Content marketing is a brand-building technique that helps individuals and businesses build lasting relationships with clients, customers, and prospects using helpful & relevant information shared in an editorial, i.e., non-selling, format.

    It’s a technique as useful …

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