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    Unraveling the Email Design Trends We Foresee in 2021

    Unraveling the Email Design Trends We Foresee in 2021

    Email design continues to evolve. Email has transformed from simply serving to communicate a message to also being aesthetically pleasing.

    Sooner or later, email creators will experiment with combining different design elements. Additionally, they will experiment with new effects that will take email design to a whole different level.  

    With that said, let’s unveil the …

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    Company Trends: Revealing What’s Hot Among Job Seekers

    We’re introducing a new product feature to Glassdoor today, Job and Company Trends, which gives insight into what jobs and companies are most popular with job seekers. More than 300 trends lists on Glassdoor now reveal what’s top of mind for job seekers across a variety of industries, job titles and cities worldwide. For example, …

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    Cool, Clever Trends Help Personal Branding!

    I have been watching, following and studying trends for many years. To see how demographics, events, cycles all intersect, converge and impact our lives in such immediate and long lasting ways is fascinating! The financial and banking collapse at the end of 2008, was a long time in coming, but once it hit it changed …

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