Service to others leads to greatness and wealth.

The more people you serve, the greater your rewards.  There is no formula for greatness or wealth that supersedes this one.

Authentic, unconditional service to others leads to self-reward.  When you help people cross the bridge from discouragement to success, greatness is achieved.  When you provide answers to questions, solutions to problems, and ideas to those desperate for those ideas, greatness is achieved.  This is a law that extends back to the beginning of time: The more people you serve, the greater the rewards, both financial and personal.

The Formula: Find a way to serve the many

When you see something in others and help them see what’s possible for them, when they have not yet recognized it themselves, that’s invaluable.  One of the great arts in the world; one of the greatest skills you have is the art of empowering others to greatness. And when you master this extraordinary skill, you will find that it pays big money.  Even in the Bible the question is asked “How do we achieve greatness – great power, great wealth, great recognition, great self-esteem, and great influence?”  And the master responded by saying, “The formula is to find a way to serve the many; for service to many leads to greatness.”

If you just take care of yourself, that’s okay.  But it doesn’t lead to greatness. If you have bills to pay and life challenges to address; where all your time is dedicated to this, that’s okay.  But it doesn’t lead to greatness.  Great brands find a way to serve the many no matter what challenges they face.  Indeed, everyone has challenges these days.  But for those seeking greatest and wealth in all areas of life – relationships, health, financial, and lifestyle – they must find ways to serve the many.

President John F. Kennedyphoto

JFK challenged Americans not to ask for the government to take care of and serve them. He did not advise the people to ask their country for everything and see what they could wind up with.  Kennedy challenged Americans by saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  When Kennedy spoke of the country, he implied that the country was the “people.”  What Kennedy tried to teach us 50 years ago was that to achieve greatness, self-respect, and wealth, the key question to ask is “what can I do to serve my country; how can I be of great service to others.”

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar understood that money wasn’t everything, but did admit that it ranks right up there with oxygen.  And Zig had a formula for success and wealth-building.  He said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you can get everything that you want.”

I have no lists for you in this blog.  Well, I do; the “List of One.”

Service to others leads to brand greatness.