LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable resource for entrepreneurs. This is intended to be the first of a series on how entrepreneurs can build their brand on LinkedIn.


The “summary” section of your LinkedIn profile is the default first item someone sees when they view your profile. This is where you should make your grand statement. You should provide detail about your business, include the relevant web addresses, phone numbers and emails for your business and you should talk a little bit about what made you an entrepreneur and start your business.

Consider this similar to the “About Me” section of a Facebook profile. This is your chance to tell the entrepreneurial story of you and your business.


If you feel it is relevant for your entrepreneur brand to know about your previous business experience, you should include it in your profile. If you worked at a company/industry similar to your current business, you should provide a little bit more information about those companies. You will come off more as a subject matter expert when someone can see that you started a business in your area of expertise.

For your company’s profile, you should talk about the product and what your role is in driving the company’s strategy.


If you have any entrepreneurship awards, or if your business has won any awards, you should include that information here. Its your chance to show it off – you deserve it!


Seek recommendations from partners, clients, former employers – anyone! If you have recommendations, your profile has an enhanced layer of credibility to your profile – which is very important when potential partners / employees / investors visit your profile.

Do not forget – you can also alert your LinkedIn profile layout. If you want to lead with your recommendations or awards at the top of your profile, then you are more than welcome to do that. Whatever you do, make sure that the first thing that the visitor sees is something that can tell your story.