LinkedIn recently released the list of North America’s 100 Most in Demand Employers of 2015.
The ranking was based on company awareness on LinkedIn. LinkedIn looked at how many people viewed employees’ profiles, how many users followed the company pages within last year, and the level of member interest in job ads of each company on LinkedIn. In brief, higher engagement among members on LinkedIn means a higher ranking on the list.

If you go through the list, you can notice that the common thing among these employers is their well-known brand name. According to LinkedIn’s report missing the mark with your employer brand can mean missing out on the next great candidate. No employer can afford to miss a great candidate and no employer would like to hire an average employee. The research also shows that the top reason professionals decline taking a job with a new company is the lack of knowledge of what it’s like to work for that organization. Therefore, in demand employers give great importance to brand recognition and they try to be as transparent as possible in their recruiting efforts. Below you can find some other highlights from this report:

The top 20 in demand employers:

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Facebook
  4. Microsoft
  5. Nike
  6. The Walt Disney Company
  7. Tesla Motors
  8. Procter & Gamble
  9. Starbucks
  10. Shell
  11. Amazon
  12. McKinsey & Company
  13. GE
  14. Johnson & Johnson
  15. Netflix
  16. Bloomberg LP
  17. Twitter
  18. Yahoo
  19. Under Armour
  20. Adobe


  • The smallest company on the list is Dropbox and the largest company is IBM.
  • Universities these employers most hire from are University of Washington, San Jose State University, New York University and University of California, Berkeley.
  • Most represented industries are technology, media & entertainment, retail & consumer products, healthcare & pharmaceutical, oil & energy. Tech companies comprised 29% of the list. Media & entertainment comes after tech with 17%. Oil & energy is the last of these sectors with 8%.

You can find the full list from here.