Want to Relocate? Six Tips for Getting Noticed

If you’re looking for a position in a different geographic area than where you live, it can be difficult to get your resume noticed.  Naturally, employers prefer to hire local – it costs less and it’s easier to coordinate interviews.There are ways for you to increase your chances of getting that job across the country.  Try following some of the following tips to get your resume noticed.

Emphasize your intent to relocate Use your cover letter as a means to address the issue.  Explain to the potential employer that you are enthusiastically willing to relocate. Convey excitement for the opportunity to move to a new community. If you’re relocating anyway because your significant other got a job, share that information with the potential employer!

Pay your way Probably the most common reason that employers prefer local candidates is that they don’t want to pay to relocate someone. If you’re willing to pay for your own relocation, let the potential employer know in your cover letter.

Look to your network Use social media tools like LinkedIn to see if you know people who work in the company you’re applying to. Getting a personal referral can help overcome any cons associated with having to relocate.

Look local If you know people in the area, ask to use their address on your resume. It’s an embellishment, but it could help!  You can explain to the potential employer that this is your local address and that you’re in the process of permanently relocating.

Target larger companiesLarger companies tend to have more resources and experience with relocation.

Target companies that need your specialized skills.  Draw upon and tout your most specialized in-demand skills and you’ll find the chances of being able to relocate go way up.

While difficult, it’s absolutely not impossible to find your dream job in a different geography than your own. Don’t give up and before you know it you’ll be packing up the U-Haul!