Why You Should Encourage Your Employees for Charity Work?

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hands-1939895_640Corporate volunteer programs have a greater value in the long run and can bring many positive business returns. While these programs may only seem doing some work for a good cause, they are much more than that. They are also about employee engagement, company PR and business growth. Below you can read more and understand why employers should encourage all of their employees for charity work.

  • It is Great for Team Building: Charity activities are a great way for bringing different people together and as a result, build strong relationships. Employees from different departments and levels come together and work for a good cause. In this way, they both get to know each other better and do something satisfying.
  • Good for Company Reputation: Charity work or philanthropic activities provide visibility for your company. You can do a great PR with these activities and share the news with the local press. You can also put the content to your company’s website and social media. This will help you build brand awareness and improve your reputation in the public’s eye.
  • Help Employee Job Satisfaction: Doing charity work increases job satisfaction as well as motivation of employees. Since the employees are satisfied, they start speaking positively about their employers to their friends and family members. Also, retention rates are usually higher in companies that encourage their employees for charity work. Therefore, as an employer you spend less for recruiting.
  • Help Being Ethical: Philanthropic activities help employees be more ethical. If you do good, you can become good. If you become good, you start to behave more ethical and as a result, you do ethical business. If you do ethical business, you start to take pride in yourself and so, your productivity improves.
  • Provides Extra Training Opportunities: People can discover their uncovered skills while doing charity activities. For example; the employee who plans charity activities can develop leadership, communication and project planning skills. Moreover, many charity activities require employees to do physical work. Therefore, they can stay physically healthy.
  • Help Recruit Younger Generation: Young generation is committed to change the world for a better place. Therefore, they prefer to work at socially responsible companies. They also want to engage in social activities and take active roles. As an employer, if you want to recruit younger generation, you should focus on becoming a socially responsible employer.