Now that Facebook has announced their Social Jobs app, it’s a good time for you to consider cleaning up your profile page and making other adjustments.  You’ve all heard advice about your Facebook profiles before – but if you’re going to take the next step and use Facebook to find a job – it’s time to get serious (and maybe grow up a little)!

  • Review your privacy settings. Facebook is constantly tweaking what you can make public or not. Make sure you have everything blocked you want to.
  • Pick the right profile picture. Your profile pic is always public, so make sure it’s one that you don’t mind a potential employer seeing.
  • Clean up your photos. If you keep photos public, make sure to take down or untag yourself from the most controversial ones.
  • Clean up your “Likes“. If you’re like me, you’ve probably racked up your fair share of “Likes” over the years. Take a few minutes to review the things you’ve liked and “unlike” anything that may rub employers the wrong way.

On another note, if employers are promoting their open jobs to you on Facebook, then they are most likely more modern in their thoughts about social media and sharing, and will judge you less by your college party pics.