Summer is already here and soon employees will start thinking about vacation. However, according to Glassdoor’s recent study, 54% of Americans only used half of their vacation days during the past 12 months. Only 23% of them used all of their vacation days. Employees do not want to use all of their vacation days because they don’t want to be appear uncommitted to their jobs. Also, when they take many days off, they think they will fall behind of work.

Working without taking time off is not good both for your health and career. This causes many health problems such as depression, insomnia and burnout syndrome. Also, when you work without taking time off, you cannot get out of your daily routine and therefore, you cannot refresh your mind and this has a direct effect on your performance. As a result, your performance drops. When you take time off, your body and mind rests so you can be more productive when you get back to work.

Some people still works in vacation. They take their laptops and work phones with them so they can be reachable. However, this doesn’t take your mind off from work. The main reason of taking days off is to both take your body and soul off from work. Employers and employees should not forget that when individuals take vacation days and actually makes a vacation, they satisfy the need of their souls. They find the opportunity to do a lot of things that normally they cannot do when they go to work. It is the way of relaxation that every person needs like being out of their routine, being free, being more together with their loved ones, not having the time pressure, wearing comfortable dresses and moving comfortably and freely.

Vacation does not mean to spend a lot of money to go to a vacation resort. Vacations can be made without spending money. For everyone, vacation means something different, everyone can relax with different occupations. The important thing is to be able to get away from the routine and to do something that is loved and enjoyed. This can be a hobby, visiting relatives, discovering the city you live in or anything else that will help you relax, refresh your mind and makes you happier in the end. When a person is able to afford a vacation that can meet their social and physical needs, they become healthier and their work performance improves.