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    Take the 2-Minute Express to Heaven or Hell


    Inside of two minutes, you can provoke mindfulness, a meditative state, or anxiety. You do it simply focusing your thoughts. Most of us do anxiety, rage, irritation, frustration, disappointment, and fear pretty reliably. Maybe you have the land speed record on those.

    The terrible truth is, what you believe is “natural,” is not. How you …

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    Why You Must Act Like A Jerk


    You know all those people you think are jerks for being louder and pushier than you? Here’s a shocker. They get what they want, way more often than you do.

    Compared to those who are less straightforward: people, who emphatically say what they want, get what they want more often. Not because other people are …

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    Have You Graduated…From Childhood?

    Mature Employee photo from Shutterstock

    If there were one question I wish I could ask prospective employees, it would be: Have you graduated from childhood yet? Then, I would hire the people who said yes and could prove they graduated from childhood.

    It’s not that I don’t love children. I have one and love her more than life itself.

    It’s …

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    Caution: Giving Thanks Can Be Self-Defeating

    Thanksgiving photo from Shutterstock

    In the US, the upcoming national holiday is called Thanksgiving, which infers you should be thanking someone for something you valued. Thanks for what?

    None of us are the original Pilgrims and very few of us are having dinner with Native Americans, who deserve a whole lot more than thanks. You may be sitting down …

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    What Your Lack of Personal Intelligence Costs You

    Sad Worker photo from Shutterstock

    When people think about lowering their bills, a lot of small purchases become suspect. Your daily Starbucks habit, at $32 per gallon if you calculated it that way, is an easy mark. A lot of people cut the cable, start eating most meals at home and buy a space heater rather than warm up the …

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    Start Your Naughty List Now

    Make List photo from Shutterstock

    How could it be coming on the end of the year? Where did this year go? Is that how you feel?

    Are you looking back and thinking where did you go wrong?

    Do you have a sense that this year could have been so much bigger for you?

    If you are looking back with some …

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    Today’s Very Bad Rap On Millennials’ Reputation

    Millenials photo from Shutterstock

    Harvard University Institute of Politics reports that most Millennials will not bother to vote in the midterm elections. According to Fox News, Millennials are too busy “looking hot” or “depending on the government” to vote, and they should be discouraged from going to the polls to vote for their interests.

    Millennials? Could this be true? …

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    Fear Your High School Reunion!

    School Reunion photo from Shutterstock

    Last Saturday night I was the “plus one” at a high school reunion, where people were frankly in shock. It had been 30 years – 30 years! – since they’d all been together at Lakeland Regional High in Wanaque, New Jersey.

    How will you account for three decades that start the moment you begin life, …

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    Why You Need a Lifeguard to Get a Promotion


    No matter where you live and where you want to work, there’s probably an ocean between you and what you want. No, I don’t mean the vast body of water that covers 71% of the planet. It’s not that you live in the UK and want to work in the US. Not that kind of …

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    What You Don’t Know About Yourself is Shocking

    Confused photo from Shutterstock

    This coming weekend, I give the only personal branding boot camp on campus at UCLA. There might be a seat or two left, so if you are in Los Angeles, you might want to come. Why?

    If you have failed to get the job you love or you are failing in the career you thought …

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