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    You, Steve Carell, Will Ferrell, and Seth Rogen?


    “We made up all our lines,” Seth Rogen remembered of Apatow’s 2005 flick, “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin.” A lot of the stuff was just us talking to each other and trying to make each other laugh, knowing that we had the freedom to say whatever we wanted. It looks very natural, because we honestly didn’t know what …

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    The #1 Relationship Problem That Stalls Your Career


    All of us have experienced “relationship” problems. You might have a problem with your girlfriend or boyfriend, life partner, parent, sibling, business partner, best friend, roommate, boss, coworker or even a neighbor. Really, given the number of people in your life, especially when you add your FB fame or any other cyber group you’re in: …

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    About Our Fight To Be Free of Fear


    Be relentless. Be resilient. Be able to repair.

    Be ready to play hurt. Play tired. Play even with despair.

    Everything can change in one moment.

    Every thing passes. Every thing that is good and every thing that is bad does not last.

    What have we learned from the latest terror campaign acted out on Paris …

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    A Hot Tip To Advance Quickly in Your Career


    What is it so hard to believe you should be the best you can be, and work for someone else? Why do so few people genuinely want to be employees? Why is it impossible to believe you can be a person with great self-worth who also respects the opportunity to work?

    Apparently, most Millennials believe …

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    Personal Branding Pledge 2015


    I agree to be me

    I accept the obligations and honor of my authenticity

    I agree that this year, perhaps unlike any other

    I will not bother to be a shadow, a cipher or a ghost in my life

    I will not hobble myself with the expectations of another

    Even if I face a force …

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    Surprise! 90,000 Gifts for You!


    Why would anyone want 90,000 gifts for Christmas or whatever your seasonal holiday is? Not even the greediest person would want 90,000 gifts, right? Not even the #1 person on Santa’s list, the nicest person who deserves the best of the season’s bounty wants 90,000 gifts. So where on earth is someone getting 90,000 gifts?…

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    Take the 2-Minute Express to Heaven or Hell


    Inside of two minutes, you can provoke mindfulness, a meditative state, or anxiety. You do it simply focusing your thoughts. Most of us do anxiety, rage, irritation, frustration, disappointment, and fear pretty reliably. Maybe you have the land speed record on those.

    The terrible truth is, what you believe is “natural,” is not. How you …

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    Why You Must Act Like A Jerk


    You know all those people you think are jerks for being louder and pushier than you? Here’s a shocker. They get what they want, way more often than you do.

    Compared to those who are less straightforward: people, who emphatically say what they want, get what they want more often. Not because other people are …

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    Have You Graduated…From Childhood?

    Mature Employee photo from Shutterstock

    If there were one question I wish I could ask prospective employees, it would be: Have you graduated from childhood yet? Then, I would hire the people who said yes and could prove they graduated from childhood.

    It’s not that I don’t love children. I have one and love her more than life itself.

    It’s …

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    Caution: Giving Thanks Can Be Self-Defeating

    Thanksgiving photo from Shutterstock

    In the US, the upcoming national holiday is called Thanksgiving, which infers you should be thanking someone for something you valued. Thanks for what?

    None of us are the original Pilgrims and very few of us are having dinner with Native Americans, who deserve a whole lot more than thanks. You may be sitting down …

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