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    Why You Should Do the Worst First

    Read in Dark photo from Shutterstock

    “My dad taught me an important lesson. If you rehearse every maneuver ahead of time, people don’t panic when things get really intense.” So says, Peter Hancock, CEO of AIG when discussing how competitive sailing led to his management philosophy.

    The worst is likely the last thing you want to think about when you are …

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    Why Your Left Hand Hates Your Right Hand

    Left and Right Hands

    In a typical population, left-handers make up about 15%.  Of course, not every population is typical.

    Among the five designers of the first Apple computer, four are left-hand dominant. Three of the last five presidents are left-handed. In a group of alcoholics, left-handers triple their typical representation.

    So, your left hand might have a lot …

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    How To Value Yourself So Others Will, Too

    Celebrate Success photo from Shutterstock

    Twice each year, I give a personal branding boot camp on campus at UCLA. The single hardest part of camp will be helping each participant appreciate themselves. Appreciating yourself is a weird concept for most people. We are used to talking about our strengths and weaknesses. We are comfortable talking about our hard and soft …

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    Why the Good Survive and the Best Enjoy Success

    Enjoy Success photo from Shutterstock

    I believe there’s a list in the universe like the one we believe Santa keeps all year. At his annual retreat with senior elves, Santa wrestles with finite resources he allocates at the end of Q4, among all the good boys and girls. At work, the good get to come back next year, and keep …

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    Why Your Boss Probably Hates You

    Angry Boss photo from Shutterstock

    As a career coach specializing in communication, I’m presented with a wide spectrum of work stories. Some end in, “I don’t know why my boss hates me.”  Variations on this are:

    My supervisor hates me The project manager hates me The recruiter seemed to hate me Everybody at work hates me

    Of course, hate is …

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    The Second Biggest Mistake You Are Making

    Mistake photo from Shutterstock

    My career transition practice is full of amazing people with a huge well of talent, potential and experience. Each person is completely different. And with each person, I’ve identified a specific obstacle they are overcoming, so they can quickly move ahead on their goals. That problem identification and problem solving is the primary focus of …

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    What’s Wrong With Your Image?

    Reputation photo from Shutterstock

    You may not realize you have an image. And the image that exists for you may not be ideal. The goal of reputation management and personal branding is to intentionally and authentically put together an image that is coherent, consistent and compelling.

    What distinguishes your image from your personal brand or reputation? Your image is …

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    What Secret Weapon is Hanging in the Air?

    Thinking photo from Shutterstock

    Scientific American cites some shocking news about time. The more quickly you have to respond to a question or report results, the more likely you are to lie. Or, consider the reverse. The more time you take, the less likely you are to lie.

    Lying is in the air. Literally, the fewer breaths you take, …

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    Do You Deserve a Better Job?

    Better Job photo from Shutterstock

    You will not always do what you are doing now. You will go on to as many as seven distinct careers, ten to fifteen different jobs, perhaps a dip or dive into your own entrepreneurial venture and hopefully, some significant philanthropy.

    That’s why the thing that you do, what you actually accomplish at work, may …

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    What’s Inside the Worst LinkedIn Invite Ever

    Reject photo from Shutterstock

    Asking a complete stranger to connect on LinkedIn can be fine! No worries. Just have something – like a group – in common. That means you look up who you want to link with, and join their group. Participate two or three times, and then fire off that invite. You might write: We are both …

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