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    3 Wordplay Tricks For Winning Big Deals


    Your winning in business cannot depend on others taking a lot of time to understand you and what you mean. If you have had a cover letter and resume simply go into the email trash bin of an HR department, without your receiving even an acknowledgment of your existence, you know you haven’t mastered the …

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    Two Ways To Improve the Odds in Your Favor


    Luck is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Improving your odds of winning – being lucky and landing a fantastic job, well-paying new clients, a sold-out audience for your workshop, a big promotion or bonus depends on preparation and opportunity. AKA luck.

    That’s why some people are always lucky. And, some people have no luck.…

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    Are You from Another Planet?


    Before you talk to a recruiter or hiring manager, ask yourself: “Am I from another planet?” Because you might be, when it comes to expectations, environment, hierarchy, and all sorts of corporate culture.

    The number one reason why most people lose out on bigger salaries, plus a moving allowance, expense account and even a down …

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    Have You Made A Really Big Mistake?


    The truth about your success is pretty grim. Success shines a light on your mistakes. Success often comes from the lessons you learned. They are most often carved out of experiences where you did not win. Where you lost, but got back up. Where you failed, but stood up to take another chance.

    Your victories …

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    Can I Borrow a Cup of … Internet?


    This is the season of excuses.

    Actually, the season of excuses occurs more frequently than the ones that come to mind more readily: winter, spring, summer or fall. The season of excuses is familiar to every student and every teacher. It would shock and appall those who are funding education, loaning money for it or …

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    The 3 Job Interview Questions You Never Expect


    Would you be shocked into dumbfounded silence, if a hiring manager asked you these three questions in a job interview?

    What have you invented? What is your greatest achievement in life? When have you stood up to authority?

    What? These are BIG questions, taken from a real interview. They get at the meaning of your …

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    What Anger Says About You


    You would be surprised if you could ask your anger what it really means.

    If anger were sitting next to you when you got cut off on the road, what would it say? If anger were on a conference call with you when you tried to cancel your cable service, what would its message be? …

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    Eric Kuhn, Media Pioneer and Powerful Personal Brand


    There is an adage that says, “the more important a person is, the more likely they are to be polite and open-hearted.”

    If there were ever a personal brand to prove that rule, it’s Layer3 TV’s Eric Kuhn.

    Currently in Marketing and Business Development at Layer3 TV, Eric Kuhn was the Social Media Agent at …

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    When Your Personal Brand is Too Good? Too Bad!


    Talk about the power of a personal brand! Angela Ahrendts reputation is worth more than nearly any NBA star, the president of any country, and even Tim Cook – the CEO of Apple, where she now works.

    “Apple’s newly-recruited head of retail was paid more than $70 million in her first year with the company …

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    If You Can Tweet, You Can Eat


    The economy is booming!

    Or, the economy is booming?

    Several years ago, I wrote the press release read around the world. Carried by 420 media outlets. It got me on CNBC, CBS, Investors Business Daily, San Francisco Chronicle and smaller outlets like Pakistan Today.

    The headline was: If You Can Tweet, the Job Market is …

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