7 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Brand’s Video Presence

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Visual content has quickly become the center of attention in marketing, with micromedia often stealing the spotlight thanks to platforms such as Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. At this point, incorporating the same kind of media into your own content strategy is downright essential. This doesn’t just include images, however. Videos are just as important – maybe even more so.

According to a report published by Demand Metric, 70 percent of marketers use videos as a part of their strategy, while an additional 82 percent have indicated videos drive their content marketing strategies to success.

That’s because visual content is extremely effective, especially with consumers. A recent study conducted by Google and Ipsos discovered that 98 percent of millennials with smartphones watch at least one video per day on their mobile devices; and that’s just mobile. As a brand – big or small – you need a video presence.

In order to achieve maximum impact, you need to understand how and when to use this kind of content. You can’t just throw videos out there for the sake of having them; that strategy won’t work. We’re going to take a closer look at some ways you can incorporate video into your own strategies, thus improving them.

 To spice up your brand’s online video marketing strategy, you’re going to have to get a little more innovative and creative. Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list. There are plenty of things you can do to strengthen your strategy, some of which are not listed here. Don’t be afraid to branch out or find your own route to success.


  1. Publish Microvideos With Instagram or Vine

 It’s not always about producing top-notch, big-budget videos. Sometimes, all you need to do is deliver highly shareable and engaging content. In the case of micromedia and videos – from platforms such as Instagram and Vine – they are already highly-shareable just because of what they are.

Both of these platforms allow you to create bite-sized videos that last for a maximum of a few seconds. The idea is to get your point across as quickly and creatively as possible. You can take all the strategies on this list and combine them to deliver these videos, as well. For instance, you can offer how-tos and tutorials, customer testimonials, reviews and even demos all through your Instagram or Vine feed.

Because they are so short, it’s relatively inexpensive to put together content for the platform; something that’s quite unusual for marketing and advertising strategies. It’s also more enticing for customers to view them since there’s virtually no chance of wasting their time, which is what you want.


  1. Create How-to Videos and Tutorials

 One of the best ways to break into online video marketing is to produce short and sweet how-to and tutorial videos. The content should be related to your niche, whatever that may be. For example, Spool Tuning shares videos explaining how to install their EcoBoost parts into various cars on their YouTube channel.

You don’t necessarily have to show your customers how to use your own products, though. Instead, you can offer actionable advice for related activities. For instance, Lowe’s shares advice on interests like gardening, DIY home-improvement projects or even various hacks that make day-to-day living easier on their “Ideas & How-Tos” section.

In addition to helping others and becoming a valuable resource to consumers, you’re showing that you’re an industry expert. For many consumers, that’s enough to convince them to purchase your goods and services. It also gives off the idea that you care about your customers and your audience, which is a valuable commodity these days.


  1. Provide a Visual Demonstration or Product Review

 Take some time to create in-depth walkthroughs and demonstrations of your products. If your brand sells products or services, this is a great way to introduce yourself to potential customers. It’s also a unique way to show what your products can do in the real world.

Better yet, find someone to create an honest review of your product ‑ preferably positive but not doctored to be so – and host it on your own channels. This will allow interested parties to see how your products look, work and what they can offer. A video can much better emphasize value in this case than a static image posted on a blog or social page. If you want to do something unique, start reviewing comparable products.

For instance, the heavy equipment and service dealership Cleveland CAT has used demonstrations to its advantage to generate product interest. One great example is its video that shows off the Mini Excavator doing its thing.


  1. Offer Expert Advice and Interviews

Another great way to generate some interest in your products, content or services is to a put face to them. Businesses have been doing this for decades by hosting celebrities in their ads, and allowing various experts and big names to endorse their products.

We’re not proposing you do anything quite so expensive. Instead, you can find an expert or influencer from your field to do a bit of talking. Sit down with them and film a Q&A session or interview in which you discuss important information from your field. Allow them to critique your products or discuss why they work so well. Better yet, give them free rein and allow them to create their own content for you.


  1. Real-World Content and Interviews

Piggybacking off the point above, you don’t always have to rely on experts to do the talking. Depending on the product or service you offer, you can head out into the real world to find people to talk to. Of course, the kind of content this would involve is generally more lighthearted and inspirational than it is informational, but what you do with it is always up to you.


  1. Host Webinars

If you work in a relevant field, you can always host a Web conference or webinar. These are essentially online lectures, workshops and seminars that offer subscribers and viewers the opportunity to learn something. Some companies host webinars regularly and deliver premium content; subscribers have to pay in order to attend the online event.

However, by keeping your webinar open to all, you can reach thousands more viewers, especially if you host the video on your company website or on a platform like YouTube.


  1. Premiere Company Culture and Behind-the-Scenes Content

Sometimes, it’s beneficial to show your customers and audience what kind of people you have working for you. This is a chance to show everyone how fun and laid back your company really is.

You can adopt a whole slew of different themes, from a Q&A session with employees to a behind-the-scenes look at how a product is made. People are naturally curious and content like this generally allows them to feed their minds. More importantly, it makes your brand and company more relevant to them. It’s also a great way to let your team let off a little steam. You might as well have some fun making the content, too.