Author: Monica O'Brien

Monica O’Brien is an MBA candidate with years of experience in business, strategy, and technology. She currently consults start-ups in the Chicago area on establishing their social media strategies. Monica attends the Chicago Booth School of Business (at the University of Chicago), currently ranked the #1 MBA program in the country by BusinessWeek, and is one of the 2007 Chicago Business Fellows. She concentrates in Marketing, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. Monica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Physics, from Truman State University. Her blog, Twenty Set, gives career advice to young professionals. Monica writes candidly about her own experiences. She has also written for Mashable and ProBlogger, and has been featured in major publications like the Christian Science Monitor.
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7 Ways to Land Great Consulting Work While In Between Jobs

It is no secret that I am currently funding my job search through consulting work. This has many career-management benefits, but today I’m going to write about the only one you probably care about – green stuff to make your rent and buy groceries. Here are 7 ways to get yourself started and turn your …

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How Adding a Tailored Sound Bite to My Resume Doubled Interview Requests

Have you ever watched stars on the red carpet? When they are interviewed, there is one universal theme to their answers – Short and Sweet. Memorable. Quotable. Also known as the Sound Bite.

Personal branding sound bite

I recently added a “Profile” section to my resume, which serves as my personal branding sound bite to …