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    How to Find SEO Low-Hanging Fruit

    Every marketer is looking for a niche, or an angle.  From the basement affiliate to the Fortune 500 CMO, we share that in common.

    With 10 years and counting as an SEO, it feels like a never-ending quest to uncover something that the competition isn’t giving the proper attention to.  Or a new niche to …

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    The Good (and Bad) of Winning an Inc 500 Award

    This year’s list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. as ranked by Inc magazine was released this week.  Entrepreneurs everywhere are salivating over the successful men and women who’ve led their companies to a spot on this prestigious list in 2011.

    First off, congrats to those individuals and their companies.  It’s a sure sign of …

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    How to Make Online Classes Work With Your Brand

    I’ve talked about working for free and wondered about the benefits of investing your cold hard cash in your personal brand on this blog. But readers have reminded me not everyone is in position to do these things. A friend of mine recently finished his teaching degree – a degree he did entirely online, while …

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    Tron Jordheim’s Personal Branding Achievement – Becoming a Verb

    I interviewed a good friend and mentor of mine for this week’s post.  His name is Tron Jordheim, and he’s been successful in so many industries it’s hard for me to keep up.  Here’s his story.

    Tron Jordheim’s four-decade long journey as a self-made man and public speaker outlines the fundamentals of entrepreneurial success and …

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    Incorporating Time Tested Tactics Into a New Age Game

    When thinking of ways to positively position yourself long-term at a company, agency, or firm, it’s overwhelmingly obvious that you need to think outside the box when going about your duties. Supervisors certainly like to see fresh ideas and a streak of independence in their workers. The only thing they like to see more is …

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    What if You Invested $20,000 in Your Personal Brand?

    As an angel investor and an entrepreneur, there’s always a nice steady stream of money out of my pocket going into new ventures.  Lately, I’ve been feeling more reluctant when it comes down to writing the checks.

    Why?  This thought keeps creeping into my head:

    “Instead of spending $20,000 on this new idea, what would …

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    Work For Free. It’ll Grow Your Brand.

    Over dinner recently, a smart and successful friend of mine made this comment:

     “If I had an 18-year-old son, I would tell him this: ‘You can go to college if you want.  But if you want to be 25 and successful, go find a rich person and offer to work for them for free.  Learn …

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    Is a Great Domain Name an Instant Brand?

    We’ve all seen short, intuitive domain names succeed as businesses – Buy.com, Cameras.com, and Tickets.com come to mind for me.

    But many domains in this category have been monstrous failures (Toys.com anyone?), and an even greater percentage belong in neither the “winner” nor the “loser” category.

    Most are “never was.”  As in, they sit today …

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    Typefaces To Avoid When Creating Your Own Brand

    There is an ever-increasing importance for everyone to have their own self-brand. What was once a concept used for business purposes only, has now become a new form of identity for the professional seeking jobs or clients.

    Branding has a visual expression component

    Branding puts a visual to a name, and establishes an idea of …

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    The Authentic Self: The Only Brand To Promote

    Many of the world’s most well-known brands are spearheaded by bold, controversial leaders.

    Playboy has Hugh Hefner, Virgin has Richard Branson, Apple has Steve Jobs.  Their loyal customers are drawn to the personality and the lifestyle that the companies represent.  All three have been revered by fans and chastised by dissenters, practically simultaneously.

    You either…
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