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Timely ‘Thank You’ Note/Email Often Job Tie-Breaker

LOOKING FOR AN EASY, YET VERY EFFECTIVE WAY TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF IN A VERY POSITIVE WAY FROM THE “COMPETITION,” i.e., others seeking the same position(s) as you, during a new job search? Simply send a timely, well-written, short “Thank You” note or email following each and every face-to-face interview with a hiring manager.

Oh, you …

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How to Field a Hiring Pro’s First Phone Call

IF YOU HAVE BEEN CONDUCTING A SYSTEMATIC, WELL-THOUGHT-OUT, WELL-EXECUTED NEW JOB SEARCH, and if you have clearly positioned yourself as being among TOP candidates, in today’s burgeoning job market, sooner rather than later, you should expect to receive an initial contact from a hiring professional, i.e., a hiring manager, headhunter or in-house corporate recruiter. Nearly …

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5 Mistakes That Could Easily Derail Your Career

DURING THE GREAT RECESSION, WHEN HUGE LAYOFFS AND FREQUENT DOWNSIZINGS WERE THE GENERAL ORDER OF THE DAY FOR MANY, MANY EMPLOYERS, literally millions of men and women were in constant, sometimes paralyzing fear that the next “heads” on “the chopping block” could quickly and easily end up being their own.

Thank goodness, now that hiring …

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3 Variables to Implement and Succeed

Upon hearing the question, how quickly will someone make money after experiencing your programs I was stunned. How could that possibly be quantifiable regardless of whose service it might be?

Numerous possibilities play into the final answer. The following insights are worthy of serious consideration for anyone wanting to make their mark in business world.…

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Mindfulness and Personal Branding Success

If I asked you, “Are you actively building your personal brand?” you’d probably immediately respond with an enthusiastic “Yes, of course!”

However, what would happen if I asked you, “What have you done today to build your personal brand?”

You might pause before answering. After a moment, you might respond that you’re going to “do …

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Blogging Tips for Personal Branding Success

Blogging efficiency should play a key role in your personal branding success strategy.

The basis of a sound personal branding strategy lies in efficiency. From a branding perspective, efficiency is more important than occasional excellence.

“Occasional excellence is not enough; blogging and personal branding success require a process, or system, for delivering consistent performance”

To …

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Reading and Personal Branding Success

Although the connection between writing and personal branding success is  obvious, the connection between reading and personal branding success is often less clear.

Nevertheless, reading plays an important role in your ability to write.

The more you read, and the more critically you read, the better you’ll able to write the articles, blog posts, books, …