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    Your Chance to Get On-Camera Training. Literally.

    Interactive video is the new frontier for getting yourself, your expertise, and your personal brand out there. So I’d like to invite you to be an early adopter and get your on-camera skills sharpened by joining me online: I’m holding a limited number of free on-camera workshops on the live video platform Spreecast.

    What will…
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    College Students Require Personal Branding Classes

    One of my visions is to have a “personal branding class” in every college and university in the world. It is my hope that my book will become the text book. I look at college students right now and feel sorry for many of them, who haven’t gained knowledge in branding. They are all at …

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    Bentley College Students Learn How to Blend Social Media with Personal Branding

    Yesterday I went back to Bentley College and gave a talk on the fusion of personal branding with social media. This time the students were taking one of the first ever social media classes. From my 4 years at Bentley, it was obvious that this school was far ahead of others, with leading technology, such …

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    Boston University Students Open Their Eyes To a Brand You World

    Yesterday I presented to students at Boston University. Most of the concepts and thoughts I mentioned during my talk where reflected in my previous presentation at the University of Massachusetts last week. The difference this time is that I decided to focus is more on the marketing and career development aspects of personal branding, while …

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    UMass Students Are Sucked Into the World of Personal Branding


    Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to an entire group at The University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth). The class had little to no knowledge about personal branding, social media or how to manage their careers. I was actually very surprised when I asked them to raise their hands if they were on Facebook or …

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    Boston College Student’s Get a Lesson in Personal Branding

    I feel that personal branding should be the heartbeat of higher education. The logic here is that the sooner you discover your personal brand, the more risks you can take, as well as the easier it is to carve our your career path.

    Today I spoke at Boston College to some freshman and seniors who …

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    Personal Branding Workshop – Bentley College

    Last night, I held a personal branding workshop at Bentley College. There were about 25 students, sitting at 5 tables. I gave a 35 minutes keynote presentation about how competitive the job market currently is, how personal branding is the future of recruitment, my success story, as well as how crucial social media and networking …

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