A check was received anonymously for $300 by the American Red Cross.  A $20 donation was made anonymously to help the suffering people in Japan.  A $50,000 check was anonymously sent to the American Cancer Society to help find the cure.

We’ve all heard the expressions “what goes around comes around” and “givers gain.”  If this were true, does this work if givers give without identifying themselves; in other words, contribute anonymously?

The secret to success is giving

Bob Burg and John David Mann, in their national best-selling book, The Go-Giver, state, “Most people just laugh when they hear the secret to success is giving… Then again, most people are nowhere as successful as they wish they were.”

Giving (another word for donation) illustrates the principle of contribution, service, and gifting something to someone else.  And the magic to success, as described by the words quoted above, is that personal brands, individuals, and businesses can truly become as successful as they hope to become though the process and lifestyle of making character donations.

Character donations

Most donations are not financial donations.  And I suggest most non financial donations are, and should be made, anonymously.  When I work with clients, companies, and organizations, one of the first success strategies I encourage is the mastery of making individual and collective character donations.

So… what are character donations and how will they improve your brand and enhance your success?

What are character donations?

A character donation is when you pay a compliment to someone who never expects it.  It is when you are driving and stop to let a person cross the street when that person least expects anyone to do this.  A character donation is thanking the person cleaning tables in the food court of a mall (and maybe proving a small tip) in appreciation for eating off a clean table (when most people just take this for granted).  How do you think a person cleaning tables in the food court will feel when he or she receives a genuine “thank you” and a few dollars for their efforts – anonymously (you don’t leave a business card)?  It could be a life-changing gesture!  Character donations are unexpected statements or questions such as:

  • I appreciate the work you do here.  We are fortunate that you work for us.
  • Is there anything I can do to assist you in any way?
  • You look wonderful today.
  • Hi, it’s nice to see you; have a wonderful day (most people just pass each other on the street; head down and afraid, for some reason, to even acknowledge the other person).
  • Please go in front of me, you have just a few items and I have much more (in a grocery line).
  • Please, take my seat.  I don’t mind standing.

Get the picture?  Character donations can be made dozens of times a day – anonymously.

How will character donations improve your brand and enhance your success?

Honestly… I don’t know.  I just know it will.  It’s a law.  When you give; you shall receive.

As Bob and John wrote: “Most people just laugh when they hear the secret to success is giving… Then again, most people are nowhere as successful as they wish they were.”

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Jay Block is an industry pioneer and the nation’s leading motivational career coach.  Jay is a best-selling author of 15 books, including his latest blockbuster: 101 Best Ways To Land a Job in Troubled Times (McGraw-Hill).  He has a 20-year record of success for creating and recreating the career management industry. His website is: www.jayblock.com