Establish the Sale and Create a Returning Clientele


How to go get that sale!

There are a number of steps needed to walk into an office as if the sale is undoubtedly yours for the asking.

1. You adhered to every request humanly possible.

By willingly working to accommodate your intended client without complaint, you will make it very easy for them to say, “Yes!”

2. All of the details were agreed upon.

After presenting everything requested within the desired budget, you confirmed the details to be certain you were on the same page.

3. You put the important details for both parties in writing.

You then made certain the details were understood and no further question existed. Satisfaction was expressed and heard.

4. You have all the documentation and supporting materials in a folder.

Although satisfaction with all the details was expressed previously, a brief and friendly reminder of the previous meeting will be an excellent reminder.

5. You have a timeline for when the action will begin.

Clients appreciate knowing how and when they may expect delivery, and what, if any, expectations are of them.

6. You know in your heart and mind you are ready, and will get the sale.

Knowing 100% you did everything possible and the client agreed upon the final proposal, your power of belief in the sale should be at an all time high.

7.  Although you may be nervous, your energy is high, a big smile may be seen – and – you are ready to walk through that door! Your intended client will know it is time to begin working with you.

Building a returning clientele

Once you receive the authorization to move forward with the sale, there are still a number of steps to be adhered to.  Why?  The journey is a forever and upward spiral.  It isn’t over until you decide to retire!

1.  Getting agreement to move forward

A hearty thank you to your client is expected and should be delivered in the following ways:  an immediate verbal thank you; send your client a quick email outlining expectations as previously agreed upon; and send everyone who helped you within the company a Thank You handwritten note.

2.  Check in for remaining on track

Initially, frequent checking in with clients to make certain they are happy will serve to build the relationship between you. And should difficulties have arisen, prompt attention will allow you to fix immediately. The solution and checking in will make your client very happy with their decision to work with you.

3.  Establish a returning and referring clientele

Acknowledge milestones you helped your client to achieve. Check for agreement and once received, this is the perfect opportunity to then ask for referrals and testimonials.  You will be very likely to receive them.

This process serves to build trust in you and the foundation for your personal brand. Repeating these steps each time you meet with a current or new client will lead you to experiencing the Smooth Sale!