Heidi Burgett champions growth in U.S. women’s soccer

Championing Soccer Growth

Heidi Burgett, Vice President of Corporate Communications and prominent figure in U.S. national soccer, has been an outspoken advocate for the growing potential of women’s sports. Her broad experience and understanding of sport communications has allowed her to effectively highlight the exciting developments in women’s soccer.

With a surge of enthusiasm from fans sparked by the U.S. national team’s performance, Burgett highlights the promising future for U.S soccer. Through her advocacy, she hopes to foster a better balance between the sexes in sports while bringing attention to the soaring popularity of women’s soccer.

Looking ahead, U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams are set to join the Summer Olympic Games in Paris and the upcoming Copa America, which are considered a prelude to the 2026 World Cup. As the countdown continues, soccer fans are eagerly awaiting their performances.

Burgett’s long-standing career at Nike also offers unique insights into the rise of women’s sports, as she discussed in a recent podcast. Here, she touched upon the significant strides made not only in women’s sports, but also in the domains of marketing and communication.

Elsewhere, a recent study shows agency-side communication professionals are grappling with multitasking.

Burgett’s advocacy for growing women’s soccer

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