Marin Software enhances digital marketing with new features

"Enhanced Digital Marketing"

Marin Software, a leader in marketing technology, has announced new features designed to simplify digital marketing for brands lacking in digital expertise. By simplifying the complexities of digital marketing, Marin allows brands to focus more on engaging content and connecting with consumers.

Three main enhancements of Marin’s service include Sponsored TV, Non-endemic Advertising, and an expanded Global Reach within their Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Each of these improvements are geared towards increasing brand visibility across a diverse range of markets and media channels.

Sponsored TV allows brands to reach over 155 million users monthly on ad-supported streaming services. This new advertising platform enables brands to execute high-impact video ad strategies, giving them a broader exposure to their target audience.

Enhancing digital marketing: Marin Software’s new features

Sponsored TV is open to brands of all sizes, ensuring widespread brand visibility and significant lead generation potential.

Meanwhile, Non-endemic Advertising targets brands that do not sell products via online platforms, allowing them to reach a larger audience during online shopping experiences. This type of advertising allows these brands to branch out and engage with new markets and demographics, boosting customer engagement and potentially even improving offline sales through increased brand awareness.

The expansion of Marin’s Global DSP enables marketers access to strong advertising platforms worldwide. This global reach allows marketers to program efficiently display and video ads across numerous locations and platforms. By harnessing data insights, Marin’s platform optimises ad spend and enhances performance, while allowing for precise targeting and personalisation of campaigns.

In conclusion, Marin Software’s new additions demonstrate their dedication to assisting digital marketers in connecting with consumers. These efforts make commercial promotion more productive and transparent on influential publishing platforms, significantly improving the caliber of digital marketing strategies.