Only the Passionate will Survive


I’m going to be completely transparent with you right now… not because it is something all of us “preach” in the world of Internet communication… but because this is where real and meaningful content is created.

The pulse

I’ve been dragging through my life the past couple of months and I’m trying to put my finger on it… put my finger on the pulse that has been slowly fading… trying (like many people) to figure it all out.

I’m not dragging because a lack of great business. I’m not dragging because a lack of  professional recognition. Everything is good in the world of business and I am blessed.

Maybe I just need a reboot? Maybe I just need something to push me into the realm of satisfaction? Maybe the key is… I’ll never be satisfied… and maybe I am okay with the notion of never stopping.

Maybe it is just the stress of owning a small business… but maybe I am okay with that as well!

Need a reboot?

Through my life I have read countless business books. I have had the pleasure of reading everything from Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson to Made to Stick by the Heath brothers – and there seems to be a central theme in every book:

Passionate individuals

Richard Branson LOVED music. The Heath brothers taught us the art of telling stories about the things we LOVE to do. The central theme creeps through every page… the theme of only the passionate surviving.  Seth Godin’s recent blog post talks about passion in the workplace:

“I don’t think there’s a relationship between what you do and how important you think the work is. I think there’s a relationship between who you are and how important you think the work is.”

It is truly only the passionate that survive through owning businesses, economic downturn, and competitive environments. It is only the passionate that are creative enough to push into new territories, use new technology, and create new products.

You have to be obsessed with what you do… up to the point of it becoming a true passion.

What does it mean to have true passion?

  1. You have the ingenuity and drive to create new products and offerings for your clients.
  2. You don’t hesitate at change and welcome diversity.
  3. New technology and communication techniques are implemented… always.
  4. Your employees love what they do… they are the direct reflection of yourself.
  5. You are known as the go-to-person in your location and industry because people can sense the passion in your eyes.

You could create an endless list but I am set on the idea that creativity and innovation are a sign of true passion.

I am going to make a conscious effort to rediscover that true passion and push past the worthless space of “not-knowing.” Life is way to short not to know what you want to do.

And if you are not feeling the “passion,” find another way.. find another route.. find that diamond in the rough.