Personal Branding Interview: Daniel Brusilovsky

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Today, I spoke to Daniel Brusilovsky, who is a 16-year-old media producer, entrepreneur, student CEO and writer for TechCrunch.  In this short but sweet interview, Daniel tells us how he got started as an entrepreneur, how he’s gotten certain dream opportunities in the tech space, and some recommendations for young professionals.

Daniel, how did you get started in social media in the first place? Why did it interest you as a teenager?

I got started in social media when I found out about podcasting from Leo Laporte in 2007 – from there I started using Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. It interested me because it was web 2.0, and I was really interested in startups.

What is it like to manage your own community, Teens In Tech, and what obstacles have you faced as someone young in this industry?

It’s been a very fun experience running my own business, especially as a teen.

You are the youngest writer ever for TechCrunch. How did you get that opportunity and how has it helped you build your brand?

TechCrunch is a lot of fun – I’ve known Michael Arrington for a few years now, and I’ve always expressed interest in working for TechCrunch, and when the summer came, Michael offered me a job. Can’t say no to TechCrunch 🙂

As someone who works for Qik, where do you see Livestreaming going?

The future is mobile, and it’s pretty clear. With technologies like Qik, it’s really leading the way for new technologies that are revolutionary, and it’s very interesting to watch these changes in the front row.

What are your top three recommendations for making it big as a young professional?

Three recommendations for making it big are:

  1. Don’t give up
  2. Innovate
  3. Persistence

Daniel Brusilovsky is a 16-year-old media producer, entrepreneur and student residing in Silicon Valley, Calif. Daniel is the Founder and CEO of Teens in Tech Networks, the parent company of Teens in Tech, Youth Bloggers Network and the Teens in Tech Conference. Daniel is also a Product Marketing Manager and Evangelist at live mobile video streaming startup, Qik. Daniel also is the host and producer of the Apple Universe Podcast, one of the largest Apple and technology themed podcasts on the web. Daniel also blogs on his personal blog as well, the Weblog of Daniel Brusilovsky. In June 2009, Daniel joined TechCrunch working as a writer, and events/business development. Daniel is currently a senior in high school in Silicon Valley, CA.