Re-branding Phase 2: Personal Branding TV 2.0

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I decided to make a post series about how I’m re-branding my entire “wordrobe” of personal branding sites. I feel this will help others who are either experiencing branding problems or are trying to reinvent their own site design/format. Also, it’s important to evolve your brand, so it doesn’t get stale, but remains consistent.  The first phase occured when I revised my blog to match a new and more aesthetically pleasing logo.

This post speaks to my Personal Branding TV website. For those of you who are unaware about the TV show, it’s a podcast series where I help students and young professionals develop personal brands, along with executive interviews and lectures on various topics. It used to reside on YouTube specifically. Today I announced the release of a new Personal Branding TV website, as a core component of my offerings. These resources are meant as learning modules and show you that I practice what I preach.  In it’s 2.0 version, this website mimics my blog, in terms of design, style and with a touch of personal branding craftsmanship. I hope you all enjoy the new site and will be updating you on future developments related to “Personal Branding 2.0.”