Start spreading Truemors with Guy Kawasaki

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Recently, Guy Kawasaki introduced me to his new entrepreneurship venture called Truemors.  He explained how the goal with Truemors is to democratize and spread information.  First, from a “citizen journalist/editor” perspective it enables people to “tell the world”—within the bounds of good taste and the law anyway. Second, from a reader perspective, it puts you “in the know” about the latest news, rumors, and happenings, so that “you know better” without having to spend hours every day searching for information.  As for how this connects with the fine art of personal branding, you will notice that many of the truemors reflect how people act and are portrayed to society.  One great example is one I just read entitled “And Worst Mother of the Year Goes to.”  Who would want that title?  Either way, Guy has found the perfect blend of news worth information and social networking.

As for Guy, he has managed to accomplish just about anything anyone could ever dream of and is an inspiration to the world.  He is a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, managing director of Garage Ventures, and co-founder of Truemors.  Prior to these projects, he was an Apple fellow, and author of 8 books.

Thanks to Guy for being an inspiration and helping me with a few of my projects.