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    How To Get Your Own Domain Name, Part 1

    For that extra professional touch.

    A JobMob reader asks:

    I have a professional question. Do you know how someone gets a domain name that is their name? As in jacob@jacobshare.com?

    There are actually 2 parts to the question:

    1) How do you get your own domain name? 2) How do you use that domain for …

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    Five Personal Branding Tools Every Job Candidate Needs

    If you want to be taken seriously as a job candidate, and stand out as someone who really knows what they’re doing, and that you’re plugged in, you need to have a few personal branding tools.

    They’re all easy to get, they’re all inexpensive, if not downright free (except #4; you’re kind of stuck there). …

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    5 Tips for the Right Personal Brand Domain Name

    The biggest mistake I ever made in buying a domain name 16 years ago was listening to a guy who thought our company name was too long for people to remember. He thought we should shorten and abbreviate it. For more than 12 years, the company was saddled with one of the stupidest domain names …

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    Creating an Online Presence to Develop Your Brand

    As an online journalist and news junkie, there are multiple platforms that I use in gathering news and digesting the plethora of information out there. Whether it is to keep up on my areas of interests (tech, social media, business models in journalism) or areas of news that I simply enjoy being informed about (local …

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    Purchase Your Domain Name To Secure Your Personal Brand

    Get Your Domain Name or Lose

    I tell people all the time to purchase theirname.com, but few still take the initiative. You need to secure your eBrand these days or it will come back to bite you. There are billions of people in this world and many share the same name (John Smith, etc). This …

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