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    Inspiration As a Soft Skill: How Can You Find It?

    Inspiration can provide a huge resource for empowering our work lives these days. Here are five simple ways to find some for yourself.

    Inspiration is a huge resource that provides the soil not only for art but also for work and a lot of other things in human’s everyday life.

    Let’s explore those things that can raise our level of inspiration and help us to be much more productive.

    Try new experiences.

    It is well known that new …

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    How to Find Business Inspiration for Your Startup

    Find Business Inspiration for Your Startup with a group of people around a table

    Entrepreneurship is also all about your initial, unique idea. But the journey from conceiving an idea to executing it to the point where it starts giving out profit is tedious. First, you have to find business inspiration for your startup. To help you get started, here’s a big list of business ideas to kickstart your …

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    Whatever You Do, Here’s How to Find Meaning In It


    A big goal that most people share in common is that everyone wants to do something that they love. Whether that’s working a particular career, not having a career at all or focusing on something else, everyone has a passion that drives them. It’s exciting to think about getting to a point in your life …

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    7 Inspirational Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Career

    Instagram Story Tips

    Many of you probably use Instagram to follow the lives of your friends and family members and maybe learn about the current fashion trends and discover exotic travel destinations. How about getting some career inspiration while scrolling down through your news feed? Below are the Instagram accounts to follow in order to get the drive …

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    Inspirational Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

    Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It is a long journey that is full of challenges and problems. In order to overcome these problems, you need to think out of the box, improve yourself constantly and learn from your mistakes. However, you can also learn from other people’s mistakes and movies are a great way …

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    You Gotta Love… But You Gotta Hate

    Have you noticed that there are a lot of “positive-thinking” people out there who can’t acknowledge negative thoughts, concepts, or situations? Wouldn’t we have to call these people naïve, at best ?  Energy to create anything requires both positive and negative – just ask a battery.

    If it weren’t so “not funny,” I’d almost find …

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    Help… I’m in the Dark!

    Who was the idiot who coined the expression, “Get it right the first time?” How many of us ever get it right the first time?  One of the “laws of achievement” is that we’re not supposed to get it right the first time.  When we work hard at something and fail (get the wrong results), …

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