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    Would They Like to Work With You?

    After years of working as a Software Engineer, I was ready to go back to my passion around teaching and facilitating. I applied for a “Training Specialist” position.

    Of course, before applying, I needed to re-paint my brand with fresh colors, get into new circles of professionals, position my experience from an angle that was …

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    Decisions! Decisions! How to Pick Out Your Tie

    Men face few choices when it comes to dressing for a job interview. Suits and shoes are always dark colors – black, gray, or brown. Shirts are typically white or blue.  The real difficult choice is which tie to wear.

    When I was interviewing for jobs, I always tried to match my tie to the …

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    There’s an App for That: Apps for Job Seekers

    These days, there seems to be a mobile app for absolutely everything, and job seekers have not been forgotten. Search “jobs” in the Android or iTunes stores and you can spend hours browsing through the hundreds of apps that have been developed to promote jobs, give advice, and prepare you for the interview.

    Below are …

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    Rules for Protecting Your Brand in the Waiting Room

    Everything counts when it comes to finding a job – and your demeanor in the waiting room while you wait for your interview is no different.  I’ve always asked the company receptionist for their opinion on a candidate they’ve met. While they haven’t interviewed the candidate, they are certainly in a position to observe a …

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    Expect the Unexpected: Good Interviewers Ask Follow Up Questions

    As an interviewer, it always amazes me how often I trip people up by asking follow up questions. It seems all of these interview prep books and websites like to just list out questions and canned answers but they don’t prepare job seekers for the possibility that the person conducting the interview is going to …

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    You Did WHAT at Your Interview?!

    I recently heard a story about a complete failure of a job interview. The person had strong experience and a passion for the industry, but once in the door for an interview, it all went down hill. After requesting a tour of the office during the interview, this person made attempts to speak with senior …

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    Exploring Your Brand Identity

    I’ve been fully engulfed in the world of branding lately through work on one of my accounts. Throughout the branding process I’ve observed a fascinating dynamic between how corporate brands try to be more human while personal brands are trying to be more like businesses. While dissecting the core elements of a brand I was …

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