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    Create a Winning Pinterest Brand Marketing Strategy

    Social Media Branding

    Visual marketing is one of the best ways to attract subscribers your personal brand. If you want to take your business marketing strategy to the next level then Pinterest is a great way to gain more visibility.

    Would you like to attract a loyal audience? Your brand can build a great community by pinning appealing …

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    How Visual Content Can Improve Readership of Your Brand’s Emails

    An email marketing strategy is still one of the best ways your personal brand can connect with your audience in a meaningful way. The type of communication is important for increased sales and return customers. You can grab their attention through strong visuals that are easy to read on mobile.

    There are several ways that …

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    The Art of Attracting Customers for Your Brand With Inbound Marketing Tactics

    As a personal brand your website visitors mean potential sales and brand advocates. Inbound marketing is a well known technique that can help you build more visibility online.

    A well executed marketing plan is not enough any more in order to build a strong presence. The fact is that both social media and the state …

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    Watch Out for Career Marketing Firms

    Someone in one of my job search networking groups asked me to evaluate a proposal he had received from a career marketing firm. He wanted my opinion because he knows I’m a career coach.

    His proposal cover letter opened with an aggressive tone heralding the fact that the firm was working with executives who were …

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    How Branded Vehicles Can Boost Business

    Car Branding Marketing

    Any business, no matter how big or small depends on its marketing ability and advertising. You can have the greatest product, but it’s worthless if people do not know how to find your business. The necessity of brand recognition and expansion plays a major role in successful advertising.

    The most successful marketing plans and strategies …

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    Personal Marketing for Job Search

    Handshake Job Accepted

    What is personal marketing for job search?

    When searching for a job, the job seeker must first prepare marketing collateral before stepping into the actual job search. Proper preparation is absolutely the key to success. Jumping into a job search unprepared will not only bring disappointment and lengthen the process but also burn bridges for …

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    6 Things Your Small Business Needs to Spend On

    Personal Branding Blog

    Businesses are incredibly difficult ventures to start. More than half of all businesses fail within five years of starting, according to statistics gathered in 2016. While this is far better than the traditional belief that half fail within a single year of starting, it is still clearly a challenge to start and continue running a …

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    Create Content for Your Personal Branding That is Engaging

    Content that gets noticed is an important tool for your personal brand in which your business can establish itself as an expert in your industry and attract more loyal followers. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and excessive link building — people and search engines are seeking quality articles that offer high value.

    There …

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    Six Steps Out of In-Transition

    Boosting Networking in Business

    Losing your job can happen instantly, or you might be told ahead of time because the company is restructuring, moving out of town, or the like. Regardless of the circumstances, it is vital to attempt to quickly regain equilibrium and find another suitable position—fast. Typically, though, your reaction to the new situation is not logical …

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    Using the Holiday Season to Bolster Mobile Ecommerce

    Holiday ecommerce

    Holidays can be a trying time for any company. While some companies see increased profitability and patronage during this time of year, other businesses struggle with marketing, consumer interest and increasing labor costs. However, many of these issues can be eliminated by adapting your ecommerce platform to the mobile-centric nature of today’s online shoppers.

    Start …

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