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    How To Boost Your Brand Identity With SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor for boosting your brand identity. In years gone by, SEO comprised little more than mentioning a brand name repeatedly on any landing page. Search engine algorithms have since evolved into complex, smart tools that deliver enhanced search result ranking and brand awareness.

    A skilled brand manager and …

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    7 Careers to Pursue with Your Communications Degree

    It’s an old, well-worn joke by now: “A communications degree? What can you do with that?” Well, as it turns out…a lot. There has never been a better time to pursue a degree in communications.

    Why? Because our interconnected society relies on communication more than ever.

    Today’s world relies on information from big data to …

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    4 Best Practices To Help Digital Marketers Work From Home

    The current pandemic caused severe economic effects. Businesses of all sizes suffered and some had no choice but to declare bankruptcy and close their doors permanently. Or, they had their workers work from home.

    Amidst this unfortunate situation, one of the businesses that continues to thrive is digital marketing. And perhaps one of the main …

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    5 Steps to Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer

    Launching a new career can be daunting. However, if you’re good with people and words, digital marketing freelancing may be a good option. Small businesses need a tech-savvy marketer who can handle advertising and communication while they focus on their core mission.

    Digital marketing includes any advertising that happens online. This includes making social media …

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    The Best Email Marketing Tools To Help Scale Your Brand

    For companies trying to grow by increasing their sales, the tried and true approach of email marketing has proved to be one of the best ways to generate leads. Even with the rise of social media, email marketing has held steady and is a valuable aspect of marketing strategy.

    Email marketing can be a daunting …

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    5 Ways Smart Entrepreneurs Can Survive the Oncoming Recession

    While your business might be riding high on today’s economy, every entrepreneur needs to be prepared for what might come next. More than 75 percent of economists agree that a recession is coming by next year. Few companies, however, have a strategy in place to deal with the fallout.

    Most companies try to save cash …

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    Create a Winning Pinterest Brand Marketing Strategy

    Visual marketing is one of the best ways to attract subscribers your personal brand. If you want to take your business marketing strategy to the next level then Pinterest is a great way to gain more visibility.

    Would you like to attract a loyal audience? Your brand can build a great community by pinning appealing …

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    How Visual Content Can Improve Readership of Your Brand’s Emails

    An email marketing strategy is still one of the best ways your personal brand can connect with your audience in a meaningful way. The type of communication is important for increased sales and return customers. You can grab their attention in emails through strong visual aspects that are easy to read on mobile.

    There are …

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    The Art of Attracting Customers for Your Brand With Inbound Marketing Tactics

    As a personal brand your website visitors mean potential sales and brand advocates. Inbound marketing is a well known technique that can help you build more visibility online.

    A well executed marketing plan is not enough any more in order to build a strong presence. The fact is that both social media and the state …

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    Watch Out for Career Marketing Firms

    Someone in one of my job search networking groups asked me to evaluate a proposal he had received from a career marketing firm. He wanted my opinion because he knows I’m a career coach.

    His proposal cover letter opened with an aggressive tone heralding the fact that the firm was working with executives who were …

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