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    Simplify Your Personal Brand Video Creation Process With These 4 Tips

    Video is a powerful marketing tool, but hard for solopreneurs to create on their own. Here are four ways to simplify brand creation videos.

    Videos are a powerful marketing tool. They’re also hard for a solopreneur to create on their own. Here are four ways to simplify video creation for your personal brand.

    Videos are one of the primary ways marketers are promoting their brands to consumers. They foster good engagement, are accessible, and often lead to powerful results. …

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    Conquering Uncertainty: An Interview with Jonathan Fields

    Follow your dreams. It’s a nice sentiment in principle, but how many of us actually follow through with it? Far too often, we get tied down with a backup plan and our extravagant dream life fades away in favor of the ‘safer’ alternative. But what does it take to actually make the leap into an …

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    Almost Famous: Brand Building in the Music Industry

    Building a musical empire from scratch is a tall order. For every Lady Gaga, there are millions of other stories of talented yet incredibly eclectic artists who ended up – well – just incredibly eclectic.  So what is the differentiator? What steps need to be taken to bring someone from talent to fame?

    To find …

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    Watershed Moments: 5 Stories of Personal Re-Branding After September 11th

    Where were you on September 11th, 2001? It’s rare that such a specific moment can be remembered by an entire population, but such is the case with that day. As we approach the 10 year anniversary (hard to believe, right?) of such a horrific experience, it’s important to reflect on how our society has evolved …

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    The 3D Celebrity: An Interview with Xavier Tournaud

    Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Xavier Tournaud. Tournaud is an actor, model, and businessman with credits in television (i.e. Desire, Lifetime’s Final Justice with Erin Brokovich, Fox’s Married by America) as well as in film (i.e. Couple’s Retreat, Living the Dream, Just Not Married Yet). He was also cast in a national …

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    Building and Maintaining a Celebrity Brand in Hollywood

    Fame is fleeting in Hollywood. It’s a sad reality, but for every personality with staying power there are dozens of others who fade away into the dark abyss of “Oh yeah, I kind of remember that guy.” So what makes the difference between becoming Will Smith and becoming what Ronnie from Jersey Shore will inevitably …

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    Building a Celebrity Brand Through YouTube

    As an aspiring entertainer, it used to be that you spent every waking moment working toward your dream, with only a small hope of ever bearing the fruits of your labor. For a musician, singing at dive bars and airport lounges, sending demos to record labels, and praying that someone in the industry could see …

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    Media Branding in the Digital Age

    What comes to mind when you hear the term, “Media?” Go ahead; I’ll give you a second to sort it out. The truth is today most people don’t know what to make of the countless number of ‘media’ sources that exist. We struggle to consume news because there is too much of it, and there …

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