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    4 Tips to Enhance Your Career in Media

    Building a career in the media industry can be satisfying and rewarding. It can also be an enduring option in an age where other areas of the job market are impacted by a lot of uncertainty.

    However, this is also an incredibly competitive field. You need to go above and beyond if you want to …

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    How to Stand Out From the Crowd

    It is important to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd if you want to find a job which you are really excited about. You need to make an impression that will make people remember you. This impression both needs to be on paper such as on your resume and cover letter as well …

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    Tips and Tricks for Successful Networking

    Networking has two purposes: (1) to get you your next job, and if that’s not right now, (2) to prepare for when you need to. Networking is the most effective way to secure a job nowadays. Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads—human resources consultant to the largest companies in America—says that if you network your way into …

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    How Social Media Can Help People In Transition

    There’s no newspaper or magazine nowadays that does not devote some space to the fast-developing new phenomenon called social media. My explanation for this is very simple: Let’s say you invite some people for a social gathering to take place in your house. Among the dozen or so you host will be some who are …

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    How to Network

    The following post is actually several years old. I wrote it with Barry Lenson when we were asked to contribute to the then prospering Trump University newsletter. BUT upon retrieving it from my archives (well, because Trump is in the news nowadays) I was struck how it’s even more relevant today to replace the crutch …

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    The Real Reasons for Networking

    The Wall Street Journal reports that 94 percent of successful job searches happen through networking. As John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas says, “Time and again people work very hard and are good at what they do, but they don’t know anybody. They put their heads down and spend no time developing social …

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    Do You Know Whom to Network With?

    By far the most effective way of getting a new job is by networking. When making presentations to large groups, I often test that tenet, and invariably it proves to be true. Therefore, networking is how people in transition should spend most of their time. For many, though, networking is a challenging task because they …

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    5 Benefits of Being a Part Of a Network

    There is and has always been great power in building networks, but more importantly is using and leveraging them in today’s business and career world. In a relatively short time, building tribes and communities has taken on a lead role in our branding and marketing priorities. The immediate, viral and real time nature of information …

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    A Lesson From Mulberry Street

    When you think of networking, what do you think of? Likely meeting new people, right?

    It is your hope, that these new people will need what we have to offer. Or at the very least, you are certainly hopeful that these new people will introduce you to still more new people. And sooner or later …

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    Networking is Dangerous

    “Wait,” you’re saying. “That’s not what I’ve heard. Networking is the only way to find leads for sales, jobs, and life in general.” Yes and no. Not all networking strategies are created equal, and some can hurt your brand for the long term.

    The networking “strategy” of “volume” doesn’t build value if people don’t remember …

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