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    Can Your Brand Take the Heat Like LeBron’s?

    “What should I do? Should I admit that I’ve made mistakes? Should I remind you that I’ve done this before?” LeBron James says in this video.

    I don’t think so. His leaving his hometown team in a flash of anger and attitude are still too fresh for us to need reminding. Underneath it all, I …

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    Networking is Dangerous

    “Wait,” you’re saying. “That’s not what I’ve heard. Networking is the only way to find leads for sales, jobs, and life in general.” Yes and no. Not all networking strategies are created equal, and some can hurt your brand for the long term.

    The networking “strategy” of “volume” doesn’t build value if people don’t remember …

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    Are Recruiters Helping Your Brand Management?

    Talk about love-hate relationships…recruiters rank right up there. You love them when they call to screen you for an opening of interest. Even if you’re currently employed and overwhelmingly busy, let’s admit it. It’s an ego stroke when they call. If you’re in transition, their call makes your whole day euphoric. You tell your friends …

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    Brand Lessons from YouTube’s Top Ten…Spice Up!

    YouTube has released a list of its top ten videos of 2010. I learned something. I learned that if you want to be “most watched,” be Justin Bieber or a talking orange. Let’s ignore the titillating topic of transient tastes and concentrate on my favorite of the videos, an Old Spice ad, and what it …

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    Your SMART New Year’s Resolution

    How many New Year’s resolutions have you made that weren’t smart? For that matter, how many have you made that you can even remember? Outside of my ones about a boyfriend and more exercise, not only do I not remember mine, I clearly don’t keep them. (Or I would still be relishing my successes.)

    That’s …

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    When Bad Brands Happen to Good People

    It started when I saw the recent banner headlines about the government’s crackdown on hedge funds for insider trading. “Oh, my. Here are a bunch of innocent people that work inside of the company who will be branded as unethical even though any potential problems probably stem from just a few bad apples.”

    Bonuses and…
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    Senator Scott Brown’s Brand Lessons

    You’ve heard about Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts by now. He’s the Republican (yes, you read that correctly) who made international headlines by winning Senator Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat (not a Republican) in the bluest state in the country and upsetting the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate…no mean feat.

    How did he do it? …

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    Teases, Code Words, and Dances for Holiday Branding

    “Can I just relax now?” you’re asking. “I’ve been working hard all year building my career, my brand, and my job. I’m going home for the holidays and I need a break.” Okay. You can have one for a little while, but your Holiday Branding Elf (me) asks that you don’t waste golden opportunities in …

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    Emails as a Branding Trap

    Have you ever fired off an email then wanted to cut off your “send” finger? I’d be down to 10 stubs on my hands, if so, and I’m not alone.

    Louis has just done significant damage to his personal brand by firing off an email too quickly. He’s a member of an international team from …

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    Jack of All Trades, Master of Two: Branding that Sticks

    It happens all of the time. When I ask someone, “What brings you to mind when people are facing challenges at work and they need some help?” guess what happens.

    Nothing. Dead air.

    “Well, I’m good at solving problems” will then trickle out. Next, “I like to develop strategies to address companies’ needs, then to …

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