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    3 Ways to Measure Leadership Success

    leadership success Are you a capable leader?

    This is a challenging question to respond to. The only evidence of successful leadership is whether or not people follow you, no matter how good a leader you might think you are. Your impression of your own failures or successes is distorted by a self-serving bias.

    Even if you’re extremely …

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    4 Keys to Successful Teamwork


    Effective teamwork is the number one rule of an organization’s success. It has many benefits such as increased productivity, improved work quality, increased employee morale and etc.  Putting together a great team may seem like a simple task. Hire the best individuals and there you go! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in the real …

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    Teamwork vs. Individual Work

    Some take to teamwork like fish to water. Others feel drained by being in the company of other people. Successful managers leverage this fact.

    By now, we all know that some people prefer to work individually and others in teams. Both teamwork and solo efforts have advantages and disadvantages. The key is finding the rights tasks for each one.

    Let’s take a quick look below for the pros and cons of these different personality types and work styles.

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    60 Feet from Victory

    There are times in life when you can see the finish line.

    There are times when you can smell the victory.

    There are times when you can reach out and touch the goal.

    Rarely Do We Make It Alone

    In almost every endeavor there is some element of team work. Even on a solo rowing …

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    Fostering Teamwork Mis-Understood By Most Small Business Owners

    While having lunch with the CEO of a small not-for-profit organization looking for my help to improve their operation I was told improvement was needed in the area of “teamwork.”

    She told me, “we need to get people working together more like a team. Right now everyone just works in their own silos.”

    I was …

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    Being in a Team is Like Being in a Band

    We are always a part of some group with a common purpose – a family, a community, or a team at work. As a flute player and as someone who appreciates beauty and excellence, I like to think of a team as a music band. It can be as small as a duo, or as …

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    Would They Like to Work With You?

    After years of working as a Software Engineer, I was ready to go back to my passion around teaching and facilitating. I applied for a “Training Specialist” position.

    Of course, before applying, I needed to re-paint my brand with fresh colors, get into new circles of professionals, position my experience from an angle that was …

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