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    Video Job Applications: 6 Tips to Help You Steal the Show

    When you submit quality video job applications, you'll have a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Let's talk about how to do it!

    While companies are looking for employees during “The Great Resignation,” many people are sincerely looking for work. Video job applications represent the rising tide for job hunters.

    However, if you send a job application in a highly competitive niche, the job search may take a long time. The reason is simple! Your resume dissolves among …

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    Your Chance to Get On-Camera Training. Literally.

    Interactive video is the new frontier for getting yourself, your expertise, and your personal brand out there. So I’d like to invite you to be an early adopter and get your on-camera skills sharpened by joining me online: I’m holding a limited number of free on-camera workshops on the live video platform Spreecast.

    What will…
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    What It Takes To Ace Today’s Popular Video Interviews

    What’s free, has 663 Million users, has an app for every smart phone from the iPhone to Droid and Blackberry and can be used on either a Mac or PC?

    If you said skype you’re in tune with the video technology, launched in 2003, that has become a popular choice for many of today’s hiring …

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    How to Use Free Video to Build Your Personal Brand

    Got video? If you have a microphone attached to your computer, and know how to put together a 5 or 6 slide PowerPoint presentation, you can use free video to build your personal brand and market and sell your book.

    It’s that easy! I can prove it. I went from 0 to 60 in one …

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