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    Writing versus Content Curation for Personal Branding Success

    Which is better for personal branding success–writing fresh content or curating content written by others?

    Content curation has been in the news lately, and there’s a lot to be said for it.

    Benefits of content curation

    Content curation offers an efficient way to build your online visibility and position yourself as an expert in your …

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    Three Secrets to Build Your Personal Branding Success Overnight

    We all do it. We all have someone we set our sights on as the goal we strive for. We have one person we aspire to be like, whether it’s achieving their level of success, their number of publications, their level of speaking engagements, or even beating their Klout score.

    Our whole reason for personal …

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    Writers Need to Promote Themselves, or Go Unread

    Writers hate marketing. Or most of them do. They hate promoting themselves, talking about themselves, or drawing attention to themselves in any way, any time, ever.


    Writers — for the most part — are humble, and don’t like to “brag” about themselves. Of course, they equate “bragging” with telling people they just published a …

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    Write Well To Make Your Personal Brand Stand Out

    Writing is everything when it comes to building your personal brand. If you can’t write, your brand will suffer. It’s not just enough to be able to string together a few sentences into a coherent thought. You need your own voice, your own style to come through what you write.

    Your writing needs to stand…
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    Are You “Paralyzed by Potential?” Get Over It!

    Many potential authors remain potential authors not because they don’t have ideas or can’t write, but because they’re paralyzed by potential; they never write a personal brand building book because they are so trapped by what they could write that they never get started and finish their book.

    When you’re trapped by potential, you never …

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    10 Ways to Building Your Personal Brand Story

    You’re looking to build your personal brand but don’t know where to start. First thing is first. You must first have a story. Your life story, your professional story, whatever story is most relevant to establishing your personal brand.

    Chapter 1: The beginning is where you take the time to define yourself. Where did you …

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    I Do Not Use Correct Punctuation. So What?

    I have had a couple of conversations over the past week pertaining to my use of correct (or lack of) punctuation in my blog posts. There are many that have lectured me over the correct use of punctuation and grammar when writing my blog… (there it goes) simply because of my so-called lack of professionalism.…

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