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Basic Articles Mean Mediocre Articles

Rescue me from beginners’ secrets!

Everywhere I turn, I’m inundated by yet another article about “social media secrets” or “blogging secrets” that don’t contain any actual secrets. They’re such beginning-level articles that, if they had any secrets, have the worst-kept secrets anyone has ever known.

“Psst, hey buddy. Edison invented the light bulb. Don’t tell …

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Three Secrets to Sounding More Confident In Your Writing

Mediocre writing teems with timidity and hesitation. That’s why it’s so boring. Weasel words and loopholes abound, because the authors are so afraid of making a mistake and looking bad. As a result, the author comes across as lacking in confidence and unsure of their ideas.

There are three ways to sound confident in your …

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Want to Really Boost Your Brand? Publish in Print

Anyone can start a blog. Anyone can write a guest post. That doesn’t make you a writer, and it doesn’t grant you automatic credibility.

If you want real credibility, credibility that makes people think you know what you’re doing, you need to get published in print.

While many people will argue, there’s “no difference” between …