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    4 Ways Amazon Visibility will Build Your Personal Brand


    Amazon is the premier place for eBook publishers and brands. Publishing an ebook on your area of expertise is a great brand positioning tool.

    Digital publishing is just the start to building a fanbase for your personal brand. It takes the right marketing strategy and research to make this successful in a very competitive environment.  …

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    Expand Your Personal Brand with Industry Influencers


    In order for a personal brand to convert leads into sales, the right marketing strategies need to be in place.

    Trust is established through being actively involved with your audience, posting relevant and useful content, and market research. Creating a relationship with influencers in your industry will help accelerate this process.

    Authority and influence is …

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    6 Tips for Connecting Well Online


    As time passes, and comfort increases with being online, it’s good to expand your expertise by attempting new strategy. Upon willing to take a risk “to see what happens” you just might be pleasantly surprised. And in the process the reward is likely to be meeting remarkable people. Even better, as confidence increase, you may …

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    Find the Right Meme that Fits Your Personal Brand


    Creating graphic memes with quotes is a good way to encourage conversation and shares on social media.  Having a standout visual marketing strategy is an important part of building your personal brand’s visibility; and, it’s important that you have a message match.

    There are many popular online tools today that take the guesswork out of …

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    Ramp Up Your Brand with Lead Strategies on LinkedIn


    In order to encourage more exposure for your personal brand it’s important to be actively communicating with your fans and followers. With the right strategies in place your business can attract leads to your products or services.

    LinkedIn is a premier networking resource for personal brands, and is now a great warm lead generator as …

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    Social Selling Strategies for Personal Brands


    When it comes to making sales, we often don’t consider using social media. While this is a marketing tool used mainly for building relationships and visibility, there are several ways to attract loyal buyers to your niche.

    Social media marketing by itself is not enough to attract buyers to your brand’s products or services. It’s …

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    Give Your Personal Brand More Visibility with a Strong Call to Action


    A loyal following is like gold when it comes to building a personal brand. While online marketing is very effective in this process it’s also important to include a strong call-to-action with that, otherwise known as influence or permission marketing. In order to effectively harness the power of this method, it is important to craft …

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    Learn How Twitter Advanced Search Can Boost Your Personal Brand’s Marketing Strategy


    Twitter is a great place to be for your personal brand to build a strong network and following on social media. If you want to have more insight into your target market with increased leads consider taking advantage of Twitter Advanced Search, which offers even more features that tap into trends and audiences.

    How can …

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    7 Ways to Enhance Your Personal Brand’s Video Presence


    Visual content has quickly become the center of attention in marketing, with micromedia often stealing the spotlight thanks to platforms such as Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. At this point, incorporating the same kind of media into your own content strategy is downright essential. This doesn’t just include images, however. Videos are just as important – …

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    Get More Visibility for Your Personal Brand with Pinterest and Instagram


    A great social media marketing strategy for your brand is essential to building an audience online. If you really want to stand out there are two big social networks to tap into, and these are Pinterest and Instagram.

    Would you like to have more influence? Whether you are just beginning your marketing strategy or need …

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