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    Curating Your Career by Creating a Career Scrapbook

    What the heck is curating your career?

    Curating your career is collecting information, maybe projects you were involved with, awards you won, campaigns you created and putting it all together in one place in a way that lets people visually comprehend what your career has been about. It’s a little like keeping a scrapbook. You …

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    5 Ways to Expand Your Brand on Pinterest

    Have you ignored Pinterest in your social media marketing because you think it’s just about recipes, crafts and other women’s interests? Then you might be surprised to discover that Pinterest produces 4-times more revenue per click than Twitter or Facebook, according to Social Media Today, which says, “Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, on …

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    Why Visual Content Is Important For Personal Branding

    How your brand image is ‘seen’ or projected visually is important to your audience and the bottom line. A variety of appealing images and videos will not only increase engagement in your marketing, but will also create a greater awareness of your brand.

    Visual content marketing is a way for your brand to present unique …

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    Personal Branding Weekly – Who’s in Second Place?

    Much of my day is spent working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, and helping them market themselves and their business. It’s interesting that small business owners and small businesses work so hard to make themselves look larger and to blend in with large companies and yet large companies are working hard to look …

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    The Art of Connecting Genuinely via Social Media

    crystal washington facebook post

    Building a following for your personal brand via social media requires not only expertise and a point of view, but also the ability to be perceived as genuine in your interactions. Many people attempt to build a brand on social media only to spout off statistics or opinions, without taking the time to truly connect …

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    Finding Keywords to Manage Your Career

    How do you know which keywords you should be using in your LinkedIn profile and other social media profiles?

    Everyone talks about keywords but how do you find them?

    The keywords you want to use are those keywords that recruiters and hiring managers are using in LinkedIn and Google searches.

    First, what are the keywords …

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    Klout as a Personal Brand Builder

    When it comes to personal branding with social media what might come to mind are things like keeping your Facebook and Twitter accounts professional should your prospective employer Google you; or, deciding on your visual branding. But did you know that Klout can also help you build a brand?

    Wikipedia defines Klout as:  “…a website …

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    Audio Branding and Its Importance to Your Personal Brand

    Audio branding, also known as sonic branding, is a verbal identity that gives a personal brand its own distinct personality using tone of voice. It makes use of sound to reinforce a company’s identity and brand. Sound has always been a great tool to convey memorable messages to consumers as it is something that we’ve …

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    4 Clichés To Remove From Your Personal Brand

    Are you a self-proclaimed social media guru? Do you consider yourself a people person? If so, you’re about to learn some important lessons about personal brand management.

    You’ve probably been told to avoid clichés as much as possible throughout your job, writing, and social media, right? Although most people can relate to the majority of …

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    Why You Need a #PersonalHashtag Campaign

    The Big Idea: Social media is inundated with hashtags that do little more than describe our mood. Let’s turn the hashtag into a modern-day resume and use it promote ourselves with content of our choosing.


    With one furious hashtag, Kim Kardashian blasted TV host Katie Couric for questioning why the reality star is so famous. …

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