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    How Do You Make Facebook Enemies?


    With every attack on innocent people everywhere: we try not to lose faith in humanity. We urge each other to believe that good triumphs over evil. We propound that we will continue to go out, to shop, to go to school, venture out to work, eat in cafes and attend concerts.

    We say that to …

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    6 Strategies to Increase Sales Success


    The ultimate business goal is to convert your effort into sales. How you work, communicate, and persevere will ultimately affect sales growth. Accordingly, the following strategies are provided to help you achieve your goals with greater ease.

    Sometimes difficulties are encountered when it comes to communicating with others. The reason is their experiences and understanding …

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    How to Make Pinterest Work for Your Personal Brand


    Visual marketing is one of the best ways to attract an audience to your brand online. If you want to take your social media strategy to the next level then Pinterest will help you get there.

    Would you like to attract more followers? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never joined this powerful social network or …

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    Got Social Mediology? A Review

    got social

    Unlike many business books of this generation, Got Social Mediology? by Jay Izso is a high-energy take on the importance of social media and how to use the top four platforms to best connect as a means of increasing ROI. As a holder of a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology, Izso has used his …

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    Stand Out in Your Email to an Employer


    Hiring managers are inundated with resumes. Before opening a resume, they critique the email that it comes with. This means your email address, your written communication, your spelling, and your attitude are all evaluated, before they even look at your resume.

    In reading Lazlo Bock’s NY Times Best-selling Book, WORK Rules, I learned some valuable …

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    Longer Tweets Could Mean More Content for Personal Brands


    Twitter has been the main source of micro-blogging communication for brands, their customers and followers. People use the powerful network to leave feedback, send information, images, and updates. New changes to the character count could allow for more room to share content and opinions.

    Not everyone is embracing the idea of longer tweets on Twitter …

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    How You Can Profit From Being Kind


    The single most important aspect of business is the finesse you exhibit when you are with your “audience.” In coaching and teaching communication leadership, I often remind learners to “be kind to your audience.” And I constantly remind them to, “Take responsibility for your audience’s experience of you.”

    Who is your audience? Everyone around you.…

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    Increase Sales for Your Personal Brand with Pinterest and Instagram


    Attracting a mobile audience through social media is an important part of building your personal brand. Once you’ve captured new followers the opportunities for sales is even better with buy buttons coming onto the scene with Pinterest and Instagram.

    Both of these major social networks attract a large audience, which makes these a must for …

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    Linking Social Media and Customer Service


    You know social media is important, and you’ve no doubt discovered just how detrimental it can be to your company to simply ignore the status quo. After all, according to Upwork, 70-90% of all of your customers use it. Though you may only utilize its features to get your company’s information across, don’t neglect the …

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    8 Tech Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed


    There’s no denying, entrepreneurs – or those aspiring to be – must retain as much knowledge as they possibly can and they must also continue to grow it. That’s because, in order to be successful in any market, you’ll need to hone your skills, knowledge and be vigilant in your work.

    That’s why, in addition …

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