Brands Fight For Representation at the US Open

US Open

The US Open, a premier tennis event, attracts significant attention, allowing brands to engage with a vast number of fans. By utilizing experiential marketing, sponsorships, and partnerships, companies boost their brand presence and consumer engagement during this tournament.

Evian’s Boat Cruise with Maria Sharapova

Evian, a consistent US Open sponsor, has initiated an experiential cruise with tennis icon Maria Sharapova. They’ve converted a Circle Line boat into a pink tennis court, allowing fans to cruise Manhattan, listen to Sharapova’s commentary, and even play tennis with her. The initiative aims to expand Evian’s reach beyond just the event’s spectators.

Moderna’s Educational Drive

Returning for its second year, Moderna, the vaccine producer, focuses on promoting mRNA vaccine knowledge to build trust. After collaborating with Billie Jean King last year, this year’s campaign includes tennis star Arthur Ashe. With various engagement methods, Moderna is determined to highlight the significance of vaccinations.

Aperol’s Bright US Open Partnership

Aperol, the famed Italian drink, has collaborated with the US Open, establishing a vibrant bar at Arthur Ashe Stadium’s entrance. Additionally, partnerships with Racquet Magazine and the creation of a Cocktail Kit enhance Aperol’s brand promotion throughout the event.

Jersey Mike’s Philanthropic Venture with USTA Foundation

Jersey Mike’s joins hands with the USTA Foundation to fundraise for underprivileged youth’s tennis and educational needs. Spearheaded by tennis champion Chris Evert, this effort aims for an impactful donation this year, exceeding the previous year’s $4 million.

American Express’s Enhanced Fan Engagements

Celebrating 30 years of US Open sponsorship, American Express offers cardholders exclusive perks, including access to tennis courts, unique fan experiences, and exclusive US Open memorabilia. The brand seeks to enrich the overall fan journey.

JPMorgan Chase’s Exclusive Offerings

With over four decades of association, JPMorgan Chase, the US Open’s prime sponsor, offers its customers exclusive amenities, including the Chase Lounge and Terrace, enhancing their tournament experience.

Prudential’s Financial Initiative with Ethan Quinn

Using the “Now What?” campaign, Prudential emphasizes the need for young athletes to invest early. Featuring debutant tennis player Ethan Quinn, the campaign promotes the benefits of early financial planning.

Roblox’s Gaming Engagement with Tennis Icons

In collaboration with the USTA, Roblox presents “Champions of the Court,” a game merging tennis visuals with avatars of Coco Gauff and Billie Jean King. The intent is to attract younger fans to tennis.

Acorns’ Savings Drive with Tommy Paul

Acorns collaborates with tennis pro Tommy Paul to highlight the power of early savings and investments. The campaign awards money based on Paul’s performance to encourage young individuals to prioritize financial planning.

Clif’s Tennis Clinics for the Community

Clif, partnering with tennis sensation Frances Tiafoe, is launching tennis clinics across key cities. The goal is to promote sports equity and offer underprivileged youth access to top-tier athletic training.

To sum up, the US Open is a valuable avenue for brands like Evian, Moderna, Aperol, Jersey Mike’s, American Express, JPMorgan Chase, Prudential, Roblox, Acorns, and Clif to solidify their brand presence. By tapping into the tennis event’s excitement, these brands aim to resonate with their audience, foster trust, and achieve a lasting industry impact. Each brand offers unique contributions, from experiential events to educational drives, marking their distinctive footprints at the US Open.

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Q1: What is the significance of advertising at the US Open?

A: Advertising at the US Open provides companies with an opportunity to reach a vast audience of tennis enthusiasts. Brands aim to capture the attention of attendees and online viewers by leveraging the tournament’s prestige and popularity.

Q2: How are companies engaging with consumers through experiential marketing activations?

A: Companies like Evian are using experiential marketing to offer unique experiences. Evian has organized an experiential cruise featuring tennis star Maria Sharapova to promote its pink tennis court, allowing fans to take a boat tour, interact with Sharapova, and play volleyball.

Q3: What is Moderna’s approach to the US Open?

A: Moderna, known for its mRNA-based vaccines, is focused on educating the audience about mRNA’s role in vaccines. The partnership includes campaigns featuring tennis great Arthur Ashe, aiming to reduce vaccine skepticism and promote vaccine uptake.

Q4: How is Aperol capitalizing on the US Open?

A: Aperol is now an official sponsor of the US Open and offers fans Aperol Spritz cocktails at a patio bar near Arthur Ashe Stadium. A partnership with Racquet Magazine allows fans to play on the Racquet House court, and Aperol plans digital campaigns to enhance its brand image.

Q5: What is Jersey Mike’s involvement with the US Open?

A: Jersey Mike’s is collaborating with the USTA Foundation on the “Rally for the Future” campaign. This charitable project raises funds to provide affordable tennis and education to underprivileged kids, and the campaign involves multiple Grand Slam champion Chris Evert.

Q6: How is American Express enhancing the spectator experience?

A: American Express offers cardholders special perks and experiences, including free use of tennis and pickleball courts, the American Express Fan Experience with various benefits, and interactive activities related to the US Open.

Q7: What is JPMorgan Chase’s role in the US Open?

A: JPMorgan Chase is a long-term sponsor of the US Open, providing cardholders with exclusive benefits such as access to hospitality areas, complimentary services, and unique experiences to show appreciation for their loyalty.

Q8: How is Prudential approaching the US Open?

A: Prudential’s “Now What?” campaign features tennis player Ethan Quinn to target young athletes. The campaign focuses on the importance of financial education and planning for young athletes to build a secure future.

Q9: How is the United States Tennis Association (USTA) using technology to engage fans?

A: The USTA collaborated with Roblox to create an interactive game called Champions of the Court. Players can compete, interact with tennis legends, and earn rewards, aiming to introduce tennis to younger audiences in an engaging way.

Q10: How is Acorns encouraging financial responsibility at the US Open?

A: Acorns partnered with tennis pro Tommy Paul for “The Long Game” campaign, encouraging young people to save and invest by rewarding Acorns users with cash based on Paul’s performance.

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