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The Do’s and Don’ts of Working With Recruiters

In order to work effectively with a recruiter, you need to know how to communicate with them.

Many job seekers discuss networking as being a critical component to a successful job search. While the majority recognizes the importance of building the right relationships, few know how to establish a rapport with a key group: headhunters.…

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How Quality Presentations Can Give Your Career a Boost

When was the last time you were required to give a presentation? Can you remember? Presentations are not limited to groups of people sitting around a speaker — they’re part of your everyday life. Each time you pitch an idea, discuss solutions with a client or interact with colleagues, you are presenting. Delivering a low-quality …

Suing Your Employer
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Everything You Need to Know About Suing Your Employer

Deciding to sue your employer is never easy, but it is sometimes necessary. If you’ve experienced harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or a workplace injury, your only recourse may be legal action or suing your employer.

But filing a lawsuit against your employer can be complicated. Before you begin filing anything, consider the commitment and expectations …