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    Managing a Multi-Generational Workplace

    Millennials keep joining to the workforce and their numbers grow each day in the companies. Meanwhile, due to harsh economic conditions, Baby Boomers and Gen X postpone retirement and actively keep working. This leaves managers with a challenge of managing teams which consist of three generations.  Each generation has their strengths and weaknesses. The importance …

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    If it didn’t happen by 19… that’s OK

    What did you come up with when you were 19 years old?

    Did it change the world?

    In case you missed it Microsoft just turned 40.

    Bill Gates was just 19 when he and Paul Allen founded the company. Whether you are a fan of Microsoft or not the vision and execution of their vision …

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    Millennials Meet Your New Business Partners

    Every minute for the next 20 years, 7 Baby Boomer’s will be reaching retirement age.

    Let that sink in.

    Every minute. Of Every Day. For the next 20 years. 7 Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age.

    That’s 10,000 Baby Boomers PER DAY… for the next 20 years.

    Note: I did NOT say they are retiring. …

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    Should Baby Boomers Care About Their Personal Brand?

    Baby Boomers, should you care about your Personal Brand?

    I have written a couple of posts on this topic in the last few months:

    Personal Brand and the Baby Boom Generation Baby Boomer Personal Branding using Social Media

    Each time I have posted links to these posts on a variety of LinkedIn groups.

    I have …

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    Your Personal Brand Deserves Only The Coolest Career

    I recently had the privilege of speaking to Alexandra Levit, who is undoubtedly a career queen in the traditional and new media streams. She just sent me her book, entitled “How’d You Score That Gig?“, which helps you learn more about yourself and about the coolest careers available today. She’s done the research, is the …

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    Professional and Personal Communication Across Generations

    Today, I wanted to discuss how different generations communicate. The more you understand how to reach people properly, the more successful you will be with responses. Imagine yourself as the receiver before you send messages. This discussion will wrap around new and traditional methods of communication and serve as a resource for you, prior to …

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    Soft Skills are Necessary for Personal Branding in Any Work Environment

    Gretchen Neels is the president of Neels & Company. Her company is the leading provider of soft skills training to professional services firms, covering all areas of business communications. Gretchen has over ten years of experience recruiting and retaining top talent at a number of prestigious professional services firms, including Bain & Company, Bank of …

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